Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Done! Day thirteen, fourteen and fifteen of the crazy challenge.

OK, my crazy starts are done and I'm cured for a while from startitis. Here are the last three:
Vultures Welcome
We are entering Chinese year of the Horse - my own sign. It only happens every sixty years, most likely I will not experience this again. I believe in magic so I decided to stitch not just a horse but a unicorn. Kustom Krafts have a beautiful one:

and the last one, Spooky Welcome:

Stay tuned for tomorrows full moon WIPocalypse 2014.

So long my friends,


  1. I love your Unicorn your stitching. All your wips are great. thank you sharing the name of chart and designer for the Unicorn one. Congrats to you sticking with your challenge. Loved all your posts.
    love Annette

  2. And you added three last great designs. All are great but I particularly love the Spooky Welcome and the fabric you use for it. Gorgeous.
    I'll be following your progress on your projects.

  3. Beautiful choices. Well done on completing the first 15 days of crazy starts! I too love the fabric for Spooky Welcome but I also like the other two. Really looking forward to watching your progress on your 15 new pieces!

  4. Spooky Welcome from Stoney Creek is my favourite! Have fun stitching it :)

  5. Wow some large starts going on here I love them all and the last one I will start mine end of this Summer. hugs.

  6. Congrats on getting all 15 new projects started. Look forward to seeing your progress over the year.


  7. Wow,...all are fantastic projects. My favorite is the wonderful horse.
    Greetings Grit

  8. Awesome new starts Evalina. I love them all. My favorite is the Vultures Welcome.


  9. I'm a horse too, as is my oldest son. I thought it was every twelve years though? Anyway I love the idea of stitching a unicorn to celebrate. Great plan!

  10. Great starts. A lady at my LNS stitch night is doing the haunted house in an overdyed purple.

    Also, the Chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 years. So, don't worry, you will see another year of the horse. ;)

  11. I just found your post and had to go order the Spooky Welcome and that material - stunning! And now I'm intrigued with another comment about over-dyed purple cloth? Must.See !

  12. Gratulacje :) Najbardziej podobają mi się sępy :)

  13. Loving all your new starts but especially the unicorn. Really beautiful. Good luck in achieving your goals this year.


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