Saturday, April 2, 2016

B for Brain Health (A to Z Challenge)

The human brain is one of our most vital organs. It plays a role in every action and every thought, and just like the rest of our body, it needs to be looked after.
Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented? I do not think so. There are so many famous people affected by this.This page mentions some of them. There are no guarantees, but healthy lifestyle choices will help keep our brain as healthy as possible as you age.
My big eye opener was a conversation with MIL specialist, Dr Passmore. During one of the check-ups I mentioned that Mom is doing much better and asked how this is possible since Alzheimer's is a progressive disease. He smiled and said: The Alzheimer's isn't reversed but her depression is and that's the reason for her well being. On Tuesday I will dedicate entire post to this subject. Now let's get back to our brain health. So, by making better lifestyle choices now, we can improve brain's ability to sustain long-term health and fight illnesses.
We must be good to our brain:
  1. Sleep! Just recently I've learn that during our sleep brain is flushing himself from toxins accumulated during the day. 
  2. Eat fish. 
  3. Spent some time in nature (walking in the park, gardening, hiking the trail etc.)
  4. Challenge yourself, learn something new: new language, new art/craft; play games
  5. Reduce stress!
I'm sure there is more points to keep brain healthy but, in my opinion, those are the most important.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,


  1. Thanks for the timely advice. I do enjoy sleep and the out of doors. I am so glad to have my walking back after months of not being able to really do too much.

  2. I'm not sure I will have one after this challenge. LOL


  3. Proper sleep, and living stress-free, or at least reducing the levels, would get rid of many of our health problems.

    Wishing you a great weekend too.


  4. Nice to know about the things you can do to help yourself. Thank you.

  5. Great advice that's interesting about the depression but it makes sense

  6. Great post. Thank you for sharing valuable information. It's amazing how getting the proper amount of sleep will give your brain the energy it needs. When I'm lacking sleep, I simply can't function. And also... I think it's important to keep your brain engaged in constant activity and challenges. My brother and I decided to take up hobbies that would engage our brains... he took up chess and I took up quilting. It feels good to keep the old noggin thinking!


  7. I think I was the only high schooler / college student in the world that slept 9-10 hours a day... I realized very early that I don't function without it. I don't like fish, but I do like games :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  8. Oh wow! Great post! I'd better go to sleep :)


  9. Great pointers and looking at the time, I need to hit bed.

    I am Parul from Happiness & Food and part of co-host Pam's Unconventional Alliance from the #AtoZChallenge. Stopping by to say hello. Good luck for the challenge.

  10. As my Mother and Grandmother had dementia, my mom's was worse. -- It affected them both so differently - and of course scares me terribly. This is such a great A to Z. I am learning so much. The Famous People Link was so good to know.

  11. Great post Evalina. I had some interesting conversations with a doctor the other day about brains, and one of her suggestions was to keep learning new things to help keep the brain flexible. A good incentive to have fun new adventures isn't it?

  12. I think that blogging is a great way to exercise the brain! Let's all promise to keep going.


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