Thursday, December 1, 2011

The oldest UFO update

Here it is, my oldest UFO brought back to life after being neglected in the drawer for 18 years...

All old mistakes are frogged, the mast is straight - I think I might finish this piece before the year end. 

If you have an old UFO and would like to join me in the fun you can sign up here.

Right now all my stitching and other pleasures are on the back burner, again I'm working crazy long hours and I'm enrolled in two accounting courses with assignments due December 7th. After that I will have a day break to catch up on emails and other blogs.

So long my friends,


  1. Great progress and it's going to be a lovely finish.
    My 1980 stitching was so messy it really didn't make sense for me to take the time to frog all of the mistakes that I found.

  2. Желаю приятных и быстрых крестиков.

  3. oooo well done and wow don't envy you those courses .... love mouse xxx

  4. Your UFO looks good, and good luck on your accounting assignments.

  5. Keep up the good work with your courses! You're making great progress on your stitching.
    Boy it's cold on your thermometer!!

  6. With all the frogging done, you can start fresh on it when you get some down time.

  7. It's looking good Evalina. I blush to admit I cannot post an update on mine as there has not been a single stitch added since I joined the Oldest UFO SAL. I should do better this month!


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