Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy name day to me!

The weather is awesome, snow all gone, snow tires in the storage, temperatures in 70s.  What a gorgeous day to celebrate. Yep, today I'm celebrating my name day. If you want to know more about name day click here.

And I have a little stitchy progress to show you. Last week I was working on M. Quertier 1799 and I was able to finish another motif:

All together there is 26 motifs and I have done 11. I'm almost half done!

I was also working on Miss Mary Mack and the more I stitch the more I like her :)

And look what snail mail brought to me:

A beautiful pair of earrings made by Rachel from Blue Finch. Thank you so much my dear, the timing is perfect! If you like to see more of her awesome creation follow this link: Blue Finch store. I spotted there 'must have' pearls and some more...

Now I'm back to celebrations!

So long my friends,


  1. Nice progress on both pieces.
    Frosty Girl is just so cuddley.

  2. happy name day to you and those are beautiful earrings.

  3. Happy name day! I love the stitching projects!

  4. Well happy name day to you! Love your stitching projects, wish I had the time (and talent) for such beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Wow big difference in the weather in a short span of time. Enjoy your Spring and Name Day. I love Miss Mary Mack.

  6. Beautiful work. Happy name day!

  7. Great progress on both pieces Evalina. Happy Name Day to you.


  8. happpy name day ... not sure there is one for mouse hahahahah .... love the stitching and the blue on those earring is lovely :) have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx

  9. Happy name day! Which of your names (Eva, Lina, Maria) is celebrated?

    Love your stiching.

  10. Happy name day - what an intriguing idea!

  11. Evalina,
    Your Motif looks wonderful...Miss Mary Mack is adorable...What gorgeous earrings...Going to check out Happy Name Day to Me...

  12. Mack is looking good! Very cute, Evalina.

  13. Ohhh love your stitching. :)

    I am looking forward to watching your progress on Miss Mary Mack, too!

    Blessings always

  14. I love the two projects you are currently working on. Very nice progress pictures.
    Great to hear that your temperatures are a lot higher now after that snowy interlude that you showed in the last post. We are still waiting for this event - not the snow but the rising temperatures, lol.

  15. Happy bday my dear!
    I love the fabric on your second WIP. It's just stunning and will look great with your piece on it with that nice black.

  16. Happy Name Day! I need to find out when mine is now, I'd like another excuse to celebrate. I don't know about Jo, maybe I'd have to look for my middle name, Mary.
    Love your monochrome pieces.


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