Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Saturday!

O my goodness, it is Saturday already! This week I had a very pleasant surprise from Debbie Burke. She sent me a package with Valentine's goodies: beautifuly stitched card, teddy bear, floss, body lotion and chocolate. What a treat!

And I was stitching! Here is a new picture of my Mad Blue Bird:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I started this morning in a terrible mood... I guess the quick look at the thermometer made me mad. And of course the little devil on my shoulder started to whisper: "Why are you here? There is no fruit trees in the Yukon, the most common birds are ravens - garbage eaters with no dignity. Are you sure the Yukon is a part of Canada? There are no maple trees here... Spring? Flowers? Are you kidding? Enjoy those painted on your windows by Father Frost..." So I picked up the phone, call my boss, "Sorry, it is to cold to start the car. I have to skip work today." And I looked around. The fire was nice, the coffee smelled great and the box with stash was winking at me. And a smile landed on my face. A few hours later I have not one, but two finishes! I never have stitched such little projects but, hey, those finishes made my day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

And that's not all! In the mail I received "Rocky Mountain Christmas" from Tammy. This chart was on my wish list for a long time... not any more! Thank you Tammy, you brighten my day!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another cold day in the Yukon

Happy Saturday everyone!

It has been the coldest week of this winter, it is so cold that I'm scared to start my car. I had to take unpaid "vacation" because I can't get to work. I work in Whitehorse and that's about 50 miles drive. So now I'm bound to my cabin and that has also some good sides.

I've done some cross stitching (see on the left), I love this little blue and very mad bird. If the temperature doesn't go up I will be able to finish that project in no time.

I'm also taking courses towards accounting designation and having some extra time to study is a blessing. It's to bad that the urge to cross stitch is much grater than to study.