Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not so stitchy update

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I was working a whole weekend and I do not have any new WIP updates to show you. But I've captured a miracle of the sunrise!

Looking to the east - the lake is almost frozen (that picture was taken last Sunday, today the lake is solid frozen 'cuz the temps dropped down to -25 C) and the sky is on fire. 

And looking to the north-west:

a gorgeous full moon with clouds reflecting delicate pink.

With moments like that I know why I love living here - for the beauty of the nature and highways with no traffic.

And my Christmas cactus is in the bloom! My fingers are very itchy to stitch some Christmas ornaments!!!

So long friends,

Friday, November 19, 2010

My man is coming home!

Freddy went to Ontario just for a couple of weeks. Now, six and a half weeks later, he announced that he is coming back - next week... we'll see...

In the mean time I figured that since I'm home alone it is a great time to sort and organize my stash. I'm so sorry I started this project (you do not want to see a picture of my house right now!) I think it will take me 'til Christmas to have it all sorted and organized. I didn't realize how much I have... On the other hand, I have a blast! I "discovered" so many charts and kits that I've forgot I had!!!

And I was stitching a little, here is my progress on the Love and Bless this house:


Bless this house

Bless this house is so close to being finished, I think it will be done before my man comes back! Unfortunately I agreed to work this weekend and that will eat up my stitching time, on the other hand - I definitely can use extra cash before Christmas!

Don't forget to visit Shelley, she has an awesome giveaway!!!

So long friends,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've been stitching!!!

After being sick for a few days during the week I had a very relaxing Saturday. No fever, no migraine - it felt really good!!! I was stitching a little my cardinal

and a lot Bless this house

Tomorrow is my UFO (Great Spirit) day and maybe I will find a little time to put a few stitches on so neglected Provence... It will be hard because my Santas arrived yesterday and I really need my will power to stay focus on current projects. I love Santas!!!

So long friends,