Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stitchy Saturday

Finally I had a very relaxing day. Can you imagine? No obligations, no deadlines, no exams, no courses - the whole weekend is mine and all mine! About 5 in the morning I was awake by rain drops hitting the roof. I love the sound of the rain and for some reason I couldn't go back to sleep. So I finish 'The last honest woman' by Nora Roberts and started to stitch later, after breakfast. For a long time I didn't look at my 'Halloween House', I figured that's a great piece for today. I'm stitching this as a SAL with Linda of Stitching with my Furbabies. There is (I think) ten of us working on this pattern and everybody is way ahead of me (not for long, let me tell ya!). This is how much I had done before today:

and this how it looks this evening:

So long my friends,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alaska Highway reopen!

And traffic is moving slowly. Stores are filing up with groceries, life is good once again.

We were 'trapped' only for four days but people are panicking and filing their trunks with groceries like crazy. Since I'm not so desperate I will wait till next week to go shopping.

So long my friends,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Maybe Doomers are not so crazy...

I do not believe in collapse of industrial civilization or gigantic die-off of most of the human population. It's all nonsense to me, definitely I'm not a Doomer!   I do not shop til I drop - well, maybe I should...

Last week we had some rain falling. It wasn't that much but Alaska Highway could not handle it...

and fell apart in a few places. I can get to work all right but many parts of the highway are closed. Delivery trucks are put on hold and our grocery stores are getting pretty empty:

Now I wish I was just a little Doomer... I have a bread maker and enough in my cupboards, fridge and freezer to survive another couple weeks - hopefully the highway will be fixed by then.

So long my friends,

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The name-day day has come and it's gone, my 19th anniversary of landing in Canada (May 31) is gone also. What's left? The bare, hard reality of final exams!

My name-day was a lovely day even though it started with a headache (it got cured with Spanish coffee) and it rain most of the day. Freddy greet me in the morning with flowers, my first born son skyped me at the crack of dawn (he lives in Poland and we have nine hours time difference) with a 'happy mother's day' and an announcement that I'll be a grandma by the end of September. In the spur of the moment I decided to buy myself a gift so I splurge some money on the book. I love e-books! In a matter of a click of the mouse you get the book instantly. Don't get me wrong, I also love to curl up with a book. For some time 'White lies' by Jeremy Bates were on my mind... The book has great reviews and I figure if the book is as good as the author's looks, why not! The book was great. I couldn't put it down. I'd read the whole thing in one sitting. There were lies, and a romance, and a murder.  Fantastic story, fantastic characters, all excellent written. I would not tell you any more, just grab the book and read it for yourself. I hope he (Jeremy Bates I mean) will keep writing, now I have to figure out how can I get an autographed copy. In my opinion this guy has a brilliant future as a writer.

I did some stitching, not much to see, but here is the start of 'Shore Patrol':

Like I said, not much, but I think I did quite well since I had only this to start with:

Finally! The spring is in the Yukon!

Look what a difference of scenery, just in a few days.  I took a pic of the same spot about ten days apart:

 before (May 16th)

now (May 26)

It is time to back to study. I'm writing one exam on the 6th of June and the second one on the 8th. Wish me luck!

So long my friends,