Monday, June 29, 2009

O Canada

It was a very good week. I've a nice progress on O Canada, here is a pic:

I started to stitch this piece just a week ago, I absolutely love it and I think that Sandy Orton is one of my favourite designers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where is my porcupine?

In the morning, on the way to work I spotted a small "road kill" porcupine. And of course the first thing that came to my mind was embellishments! I could use some of those quills... I didn't have time to stop and I figure that I will do it on the way home.

Nope, someone was ahead of me! I don't have quills, but I have a picture. And I didn't want to fight with bald eagle. He/she was not even scared of the coming truck or me, just standing on the front of the meal and posing for the camera.

On days like that I love Yukon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New week, new finish, new start

Last weekend was quite productive. I finished my Frog Trio, I hear nothing, I see nothing, I say nothing. Does anybody remember the original saying and where it came from? I'm just curious.

I think they will look good as a flat fold, what do you think? And I started on a new project. With Canada Day coming I'm feeling patriotic and decided to stitch O Canada design by Sandy Orton. Here is a picture of the design:

and that's my WIP:

I also submitted my first (1 of 5) assignment in Business Law and I've got a 75% mark. I needed 65% to pass, so I think I did OK.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm baaack!

And I have no idea where to start... Hm, let's see... I'm not blond anymore. After 16 years I'm brunette again. Here is my "new" look:

And finally June exams are behind me. I was so overwhelmed with amount of study materials and lack of time. In my desperation I started stitching a new little project:

That's exactly how I felt.. Thank goodness it is past and I think I did OK on the finals. The results are released in 8 weeks but I do not care. This summer I'm enrolled in one course only - Business Law in Canada - and so far I love it. (Until now my favorite subject was macro and micro economics.)

And I have a finish! I stitched a small gift for dear friend Deborah to make her birthday a little more special:

This week I'm rearranging furniture in my study/craft room. Stay tuned for more pictures.