Saturday, August 27, 2011

Followers appreciation giveaway

I would love to thank all my followers for reading my blog, crying with me in times of sorrow and laughing in times of happiness. Thank you for leaving comments, thank you for hugs and smiles. You are so kind to me and here is a little from me to you: a giveaway.

As usual there is no rules for this giveaway other than you do have to be a follower. You do not have to mention about this giveaway on your blog (if you do I really appreciate it) and you do not have to leave comments under this post (but if you do I would love it). The winner will be randomly chosen from all my followers on Saturday, a week from today - make sure to check my blog and let me know where to ship the goodies! This is what the winner will get:

a dream catcher to make sure that all your dreams are beautiful (the bad ones will be caught and hold by the dream catcher)
a cute little froggie to put smile on your face

 some Hershey's

 Happy Hunting, chart by Lizzie Kate

and a bookmark stitch by me for you (no picture yet, it will be a surprise)


So long friends,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It has been a while...

It has been a while since my last post not because nothing is happening in my life but because I'm falling apart... First was my thumb (still sore but manageable and I can stitch a little!), now it is my shoulder. For over a month it is bothering me and making my life difficult. And to make things worse last Saturday I flew from the porch to the driveway, like a bomb... I was lying on the ground and I had no idea: should I laugh or cry? In my mind I saw my body falling dawn in the slow motion and that made me laugh but the added pain wanted me to cry... thank goodness no broken limbs, just a few bruises and scratches

And that's not all; I also had a flat tire. Part of Alaska Highway is under construction (and there are no other roads) that will take me to work and somehow a very sharp stone get into my brand new tire:

 Do you see it?

And that is inside the tire, not fixable - I got a brand new tire and for a first time I appreciated the road hazard insurance!

Now I will quit winning and get to an awesome stuff.

I received the most beautiful mail art from my stitching buddy, our lovely Meari. Normally I wouldn't show addresses but she did such amazing job and picked a very lovely alphabet so I do not mind if you see mine

the front

and the back

I wasn't going to open this gorgeous envelope until Meari receives mine, but since I was so hurt and so beat-up, ... I opened it... and, oh my!, so many goodies were inside:

 a lovely chart that I decided to stitch and make a broach or a name tag for my stitching retreat in September

 a whole bunch of teas that still waiting for me to try them

a lovely floss that for sure it will get used

and a package of flower seeds that will be planted in the spring. There also was a postcard (didn't take a picture, darn it!) with a little history facts. Thank you so much Meari, you've made my day! I was in such happy mood that I stitched some... I've started a new project though...

Maybe this weekend I will get back to my Guardian Angel.

So long friends,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

12 days of my birthday - wrap up

To wrap up my birthday (it lasted longer than I thought!) - I received more gifts:
  • An awesome package from Vanessa. She sent me a gorgeous pair of owl scissors along with a chart to stitch an owl scissor case. She did not stop there, she also included a lovely chart by Diane Graebner Spring Has Sprung. Here they are:

  • Lovely hearts (all kitted up) from Georgena
  • Tons of goodies from Marjorie

Thank you so much ladies! I love all the gifts!!!

To finish my birthday with a bang  I went to Toronto. It was hot, hot, hot and I loved it! It was 2 in the morning and after stepping outside I thought I stepped in straight into sauna. It has been a long while since I left Ontario, about 11-12 years... 

While there I attended a 4 day Mary Kay Seminar - the biggest event of the year. I'm using MK skin care products for as long as I'm in Canada (before that I was a Christian Dior girl) and I absolutely love it. I even became a MK beauty consultant but (shame on me, shh...) I am my own best customer.  Seminar was fantastic, I've met hundreds (there was about three thousand of us or more) of beautiful women who actually make good money in MK!!!

Now, that's something I can't forgive myself - I did not take even one picture! For some reason I left my beautiful, new camera at home (I guess I was scared of loosing it, silly me) and for no particular reason I refused to use my little point and shoot baby. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Now the only memories I have are in my heart... I'm going there back next year and next year I will have not one, but two cameras!

I've also met one of my swap-bot buddies! It was awesome! We met on line and in person!

On the way back Air Canada was late and I missed my connecting flight to Yukon. I had to spent the night in Calgary... It was OK, Air Canada paid for the hotel and meals... I could call our lovely Mel from epic stitching and meet her but didn't have my laptop with me or her phone number... Sorry Mel, maybe some other time.

In about a month I'm going to cross stitching retreat on Quadra Island to meet other stitchers from our yahoo groups. I am so excited, can hardly wait!!! And for sure I'm taking my camera!

On the stitchy note... well not much, finally I finished mail art for my stitching buddy (no pictures though until she receives it). I feel a little like a shmack, she finished hers three weeks ago and I should have it any day - I will send mine this Monday... and all because of my stupid thumb. It is still sore but I'm not wearing that brace any more. And to make things even more fun I've got something called "frozen shoulder". So it is my right hand and left shoulder - I'm really falling apart...

So long friends,