Monday, October 31, 2011

the oldest UFO

My oldest UFO (see post below) got some attention! Debbie of Debbie's Cross-Stitch admitted that she has a 30 year old UFO!!! So, that got me thinking... Let's do the Oldest UFO SAL. If you have any, dig it out and start stitching. Post the progress on your own blog with the label "the oldest UFO" and let me know that you did it. You can post the progress of your work (on that UFO of course) as often as you like but you must post it also on the last day of every month. That one will count towards a prize! Yep, you are reading right, there will be a prize for the most stitched UFO!!! It would be not fair to say for most finishes because some UFO's will need maybe 100 stitches to finish and some could have 1000s! The first prize I will draw on January 1, 2012 and it will be a $25 Visa card.

As I mentioned earlier, I will stitch Sailboats and Seagulls. When done it should look like that (sorry for the picture being so wrinkled... it took 18 years to get that look):

Do you have any unfinished projects? Let's stitch them together! If you would like to stitch with us please sign up here.
Happy stitching and spooky, scary Halloween!

It's a Halloween night

and the last day of the month.  October was a good month for me - I've got a new car (look how beautiful she looks after her "makeover")

I opened a new saving account and actually I made some money already! I was thinking about current stage in my life, how much longer I want to work and what I will do after... I do not like to work, really, the best scenario would be if I could retire but financially I'm not in that position yet...  so that's why I decided to save some more.

And I did some stitching! Here is my square for charity with outlined mushrooms. It looks much better, thank you for an advice.

I finished stitching for competition held in my yahoo group. Unfortunately I can't show it yet, I do not want to be disqualified. And I worked some more on TTT

After all I was so "witched out" and was looking for something brighter to work on. I pulled out couple of pieces from my UFO (unfinished objects) basket. An ornament that I've started a year ago:

and my oldest UFO... it must be around 18 years old. I made a mistake and left it on the back burner. Yesterday my sail boats saw the light again. I've frogged all mistakes (or most of them) and now I'm ready to work on it. That piece will be my first one for the 2012 WIPocalypse project.

Have a great spooky night!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Monday...

So, it's Monday again. New week, new plans, new ideas. I'm back to taking my Mondays off work and dedicating them to my study. Yep! I'm back to school again taking more accounting courses (I sign up for 5 between now and sometime in March). I know it's crazy and it will eat up all my stitching time, but I just want to get over with. I do not care about perfect grades but I do want to pass the finals.  I have no idea why I'm doing this, I should be thinking about getting ready for retirement not getting more education and advancing my career.

I did manage to stitch a little. Of course it's a new start (shame on me) Thine is the trick and the treat from Prairie Moon. Here is the progress

I'm stitching in on 32ct willow green linen with floss from The Gentle Art named black crow. When done it should look kind of like this (except for a different background color)

So long friends,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy, busy, busy week!

For a quite some time I was looking for a new car. I wanted something small and economical. The options were endless:

 a smart car (unknown men on the picture)

 Smaudi A3 AWD





and finally - the Smustang!

Before I decided to buy one I drove a few. None of the above were available in the Yukon so I limited my options to Toyota Corolla, Mazda 2 and Chrysler 200. I liked Corolla a lot and I really liked the 200,  couldn't decided between these two. Corolla has an excellent consumer report ratings as the most reliable vehicle but 200 is an awesome looking car... Well, couple days ago again I took the little Toyota for a ride - this time wasn't just a test drive but actually I drove the way I would drive my own car. And I decided that Corolla it is! Yesterday I took a day off work, grabbed Freddy with me and we went to a dealership, did the paperwork, got sold on a few extras and went to insure the vehicle and get new plates. In the mean time we celebrate our new purchase in Japanese style - lunch at Tokyo Sushi, our local Japanese restaurant. By 5 PM I was driving on Alaska Highway in my new babe. Here she is:

She came with a lovely panda (well, to tell you the truth - I asked for it):

Next week we are going back to the dealership and the car will have a little makeover (added bodyside mouldings, rear bridge spoiler and a rear bumper protector)

By the end of the day Freddy and I were exhausted, just flopped on the couch and watch three shows in the row, the CSI New York, Nikita and Fringe. 


I noticed lately that a lot of ravens are gathering around...

So, in the mood of the season I worked on the Halloween Rules


The glue on the postal stamps doesn't hold very well to the fabric! I sent  mail art  to my stitching buddy and the poor thing, after being stuck somewhere for almost six weeks, came back to me with a note of not sufficient postage. I am so embarrassed, now I know to use super glue!


This weekend is a Thanksgiving in Canada. Tomorrow I'm having a few guests for a turkey dinner. It looks like I'll be busy cooking!