Tuesday, July 19, 2011

12 days of my birthday - Day 4

It was a long day at work... but I had a nice surprise on a way home! I left an office about 8 PM, there was a little rain and a little sunshine (we still have long days, sunset is about 11:30 PM) and I started driving home. After driving half way I noticed a beautiful rainbow and I was following that rainbow for the rest of the way. Eventually I pulled over and took a picture - I was waiting a little too long, but you can still see some of it.

Another surprise was waiting for me in the mailbox - I received a lovely card from Vanessa

and a package from Val (Mystical Wizard from The Gold Collection with a card)

Thank you so much ladies, you've made my day very special!

So long friends,

Monday, July 18, 2011

12 days of my birthday - Day 3

Another lovely day! I went with Freddy to Emerald Lake for a short hike. Name of the lake says it all, the water is really emerald!!!

The mail brought to me another birthday present! Debbie Jo sent me Winter Wind from The Prairie Schooler (a match to my Summer Breeze)  along with a needle palette and a bunch of needles. Thank you so much Debbie Jo!

I hope my thumb heals quickly! I have so much stitching to do!

12 days of my birthday - Day 1 & 2

It's that time of the year again - another birthday! I stop counting them a long time ago and seems like every year I'm celebrating it longer and longer...

I started the first day of my birthday (Saturday, July 16) with a glass of Mimosa (champagne with passion fruit liquor). Freddy made a lovely breakfast (and  lunch and supper - it was awesome). This year I decided not to have a birthday party but instead have a "date" all day long. Later I opened a package that was brought to me by Royal Mail from our lovely Graceann. In the package I found a lovely card with kitty on the front who looks just like ZoomZoom!!!

and a gorgeous chart from Passione Ricamo:

Thank you so much Graceann!!!

On the second day of my birthday I was playing with my new camera - I fell in love with it instantly! Here is a few pics from around our cabin, click on it for a better view:


fireweed - flowers of Yukon

my favorite grass

black spruce with cones

It was a very sad day in our neighbourhood - one of the dogs was run over by a truck. It was a nice dog but had a very bad habit of chasing cars and trucks. I knew that one day accident like this will happen - and the only person to blame for it is the owner...

Topaz never played with Fila, they never were "friends" but she saw the accident and was devastated - even didn't want to pose for my pictures...

Not much happen in my stitching world... I was stitching a little on the art mail for my stitching buddy, I'm done with all the motifs but still have to stitch the lettering. I also stitch a little on the Computer Catastrophes and, guess what? My hand had to go back to the brace! I am so disappointed! I didn't stitch at all last week, this week I will try just 15 minutes at the most and I'll see what happens.

So long friends!