Tuesday, July 19, 2011

12 days of my birthday - Day 4

It was a long day at work... but I had a nice surprise on a way home! I left an office about 8 PM, there was a little rain and a little sunshine (we still have long days, sunset is about 11:30 PM) and I started driving home. After driving half way I noticed a beautiful rainbow and I was following that rainbow for the rest of the way. Eventually I pulled over and took a picture - I was waiting a little too long, but you can still see some of it.

Another surprise was waiting for me in the mailbox - I received a lovely card from Vanessa

and a package from Val (Mystical Wizard from The Gold Collection with a card)

Thank you so much ladies, you've made my day very special!

So long friends,


  1. Pretty rainbow. I love it!! And great gift and cards. Happy day for you!!

  2. I am loving the photos from your new camera. The rainbow one is lovely but the flower ones in the previous post are gorgeous. Now to take more of gorgeous Topaz. :)

    I hope your Birthday celebration for the next 8 days brings love and laughter every day.

  3. Прекрасная радуга!Замечательный подарок.

  4. It's awesome how you celebrate your birthday for multiple days. More awesome presents!!

  5. Love the way you celebrate your birthday. It's a good philosophy - ignore the years, enjoy the moments!

  6. Very pretty photo with the rainbow. Great gifties!


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