Thursday, May 26, 2016

Color of Kindness

What color is kindness? Since I'm in the kindness challenge I decided to stitch Honest Kind and Good. The model is done in black on white

Last year during our Super Duper Challenge I started this project on a lovely 36ct Smoky White linen with Antique Black silk.

And I'm not impressed with the result at all! I would like to change colors just have no idea what to choose... It's all about kindness... What do you think? What color is kindness?

So long my friends,

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kindness challenge - week one

Last week (my first week in the challenge) my focus was on being kind and mindful to myself. To my surprise it went very well. Not even once I was angry with myself. Every morning I spent a few minutes meditating and stretching my muscles. I paid attention to feeding my body with enjoyment and taking care of it. I went for a short road trip. I even stitch some! Look, I have finished Santa #4 and #5, right now I'm working on Santa #6.


And this is the whole project with four Santas done.

It looks like I will work on Santa's 12 days of Christmas for some time (until it is done!) and then I think I will go back to another lovely project that I started during Super Duper Crazy Challenge 2015
called Honest, kind and good. It will fit well with my kindness challenge.

So long my friends,

Monday, May 16, 2016

Revolution of Kindness!

Time goes so fast... it is a first time I did not finish the A to Z challenge but the life goes on and brings new challenges. Today I was reading Deborah blog - it was all about kindness. I was impressed by the way she is treating herself and even a little jealous. Then I thought of me... Somehow, somewhere, I do not know when or how, I have lost the importance of loving myself, be kind to myself. I guess her post was there for me for a reason. I decided to follow her steps and join Niki of The Richness of a Simple Life in a seven week Kindness Challenge. Each week Niki will be offering a prompt and inviting people to work with that focus and then post about it at the end of the week.  Now is the right time for more kindness to the world, I hope you will join us too.

So long my friends,