Monday, September 29, 2014

Stitching marathon

Some time ago, well... a long time ago me and Mel use to have on weekends stitching marathons. We were just stitching long hours and keep in touch by email. Same happened last weekend! I was working on the Spooky Welcome and I've made a nice progress:

And since September is almost over it's time for Stitch from Stash update. I did stitch from stash only, I have a new start Thankful Quaker and of course I was working on Spooky Welcome. Here is my new start:
I spent more money that the budget allows but I needed some more stash for the 2015 Super Duper Crazy Challenge hosted by Linda in Debbie's memory.  I guess there will be no more spending to the end of the year.

So long my friends,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend - September

I've missed it completely... I have a good excuse though - I was on the trip! I saw goats on the roof

and the gorgeous sunset while on the ferry ride (that's me but you have to use a lot of imagination)

and my MIL enjoyed oysters for the first time (she will be 83 in October)

I did a little stitching before we went on the trip, here is my progress on the Spooky Welcome

So long my friends,

Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Moon, Super WIPocalypse

Finally I was able to see the super moon. Last 2 months I had no luck, it rained and I could see nothing. Tonight is perfectly clear sky. I went to the lake, on the east the moon was rising and on the west the sun was setting. I even spotted a beaver!

 rising moon

 Frosty Girl and rising moon

 fireweed in moonlight

beaver working night shift

Here is my progress on Spooky Welcome:

And, as promised earlier (or maybe the promise I made on Linda's blog) last Saturday I pulled out neglected Halloween House and stitched in Debbie's memory. Long time ago we started this as a SAL.... this is where I left it off:

 and now (I stitched some of the border)

During my typing it got dark outside and the moon shines beautifully

 So long my friends,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Red Dress

Three days ago we'd lost Debbie due to heart attack. It was sudden and unexpected. Could have been prevented? I do not know. But I'll do everything in my power to promote awareness, healthy living and research.

My eyes are filled with tears, my heart is filled with sadness but it's time for action. And I will walk my talk - I'll exercise more and eat healthier. I'll sleep more, stitch more and try to remove stress from my life.

What the red dress stands for? The Red Dress represents women’s courage and passion and their power for change as they share the truth with others and raise awareness about the importance of heart health.

I'm also collecting online donations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation to help fund life-saving research and education. I would really appreciate any amount you can give to support my canvass for this important cause. Together, we can create more survivors!

Click this link to go to my personal donation page.

Here are couple of links to Canadian and US sites for more info:

So long my friends,