Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Moon, Super WIPocalypse

Finally I was able to see the super moon. Last 2 months I had no luck, it rained and I could see nothing. Tonight is perfectly clear sky. I went to the lake, on the east the moon was rising and on the west the sun was setting. I even spotted a beaver!

 rising moon

 Frosty Girl and rising moon

 fireweed in moonlight

beaver working night shift

Here is my progress on Spooky Welcome:

And, as promised earlier (or maybe the promise I made on Linda's blog) last Saturday I pulled out neglected Halloween House and stitched in Debbie's memory. Long time ago we started this as a SAL.... this is where I left it off:

 and now (I stitched some of the border)

During my typing it got dark outside and the moon shines beautifully

 So long my friends,


  1. Wonderful moon and photos, great stitching.
    Enjoy your day .

  2. Love your moon photos and I have finished my first project for the Pass it On Art Challenge - if you want to have a look (as it is NOT the piece that will be heading your way) come on over -

  3. Beautiful pictures and wonderful progress on your two pieces.

  4. I am no fan of Halloween,, but these pieces look great! And so the moon!

  5. The lake and sail boats are a lovely backdrop for the super moon.

  6. Both pieces look great Evalina. Looks like your almost done with Halloween House. Love the pics of the moon.


  7. Such great pictures of the moon and of your surroundings. And such great progress on both your Halloween pictures.

  8. Super stitching and beautiful moon shots especially the one with Frosty Girl!

  9. Merçi de partager avec nous les belles foto's belle avancé des broderies bonne journée Marie-Claire

  10. I love your Spooky Welcome pieces, I'm a big fan of silhouette designs.
    I think it's a lovely idea to stitch a piece for Debbie's memory too. I have signed up for the January Challenge thing for the first time for this reason!

  11. What wonderful photos - and I'm so glad you got to enjoy the full moon! Love the Halloween pieces you're working on.

  12. Beautiful sunset photos and lovely stitching!

  13. Beautiful stitching and wonderful photos. We were able to enjoy the almost full moon last weekend during DD's outdoor wedding.

  14. Gorgeous stitching and that is a beautiful moon


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