Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I can't believe it...

The unpacking is slow going - I guess I'm still recovering after the trip. I was so tired that I really needed some stitching therapy. Friday evening I grabbed the needle and the 'Spooky Welcome' - tonight I do a happy dance

I finished all the stitching and, who knows, maybe I can really finish it just in time for Halloween.

So long my friends,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Goodbye north!

After ten years of living on the frozen north we are finally back to a warmer climate. This time our destination was Vancouver Island. The packing took forever, I had no idea that we will be able to fill a 26' truck... It was filled to the ceiling! The closing date on our house was October 15 and a day before we had appointment with the lawyer so we decided to come to the Island on the October 13th. Well, we did not leave Yukon till late October 11th...

According to google maps the whole trip should take approximately 35 hours but the truck was driving slower than expected and it took over 40 hours of driving.

From the start we were behind 11 hours... There was no time for site seeing during the trip or anything - we had to catch ferry on the 13th. We did not sleep much during the trip and I was so sick and tired of following that U-haul truck for over 1600 miles...

Mom spotted a lovely place for a lunch

and after all we did catch ferry to the Island right on time. I was a little disappointed because of  lack of turkey sandwiches  (at least!) on the ferry, burger with french fries had to do for Thanksgiving supper.

To make a long story short, everything else went as planned. I am so tired and have tons of unpacking to do but we are all happy to be here. The house is lovely with a gorgeous ocean view, Frosty has a new neighbourhood to discover and new rules to learn. I'm hoping for a stitchy night soon.

So long my friends,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Surprise Blog Hop

Jo is celebrating a milestone: she reached 500 followers! Congratulations dear Jo!!! To make it more fun she is hosting a Surprise Blog Hop. So I'm hoping over to Catherine of I Love to Stitch and what a wonderful surprise! She does all kinds of stitches - she quilts, she makes lovely bracelets and her stitching is absolutely beautiful. I encourage you to visit her blog - in no time I became a follower.

In my stash I have a lovely design 'Honest, kind and good' that I'm planning to start stitching in January during Super Duper challenge in Debbie's memory hosted by Linda.

I think Catherine would like that chart too.

So long my friends,