Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

The Royal Wedding was fantastic!!! If you did not see it, I'm sure it will be replayed again (and again). It was much different from the one I watched 30 years ago...

I saw William putting ring on Kate's finger but I didn't see her doing the same. Did I missed it or is that a royal custom?

I'm just getting over my strep throat. Gosh! I wasn't so sick since I remember. My throat is fine but I have sore ribs from coughing so hard.  I missed 4 days at work (and I do not have paid sick leave days at work) but well, my well being is the most important thing to me.

I finished my bunny before Easter! After having a backstitch makeover he was looking pretty good! Good hearted Marl answered my plea for help and sent to me a whole bunch of ribbons

I'd chose the pink one and here he is, in all his glory:

I also received a wonderful RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from Emily

And it looks like this weekend I'm gonna to stitch again!

So long friends,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection. With joy, I acknowledge the rising of my own Christ nature. Following the teachings of Jesus, I overcome trials of doubt and fear that may have darkened my mind. One with the overcoming power of Christ, I rise and shake off the past. Any stone of despair lying heavy on my heart rolls away in the bright morning light. Guided by my inner Christ Presence, I joyfully walk in the newness of life.

Happy Easter to you my friends,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round Robin (kind of)

Barbara started a different kind of Round Robin.

She stitched The Sweetheart Tree Potted Flower, made a beautiful pincushion and offered the chart with a skein of floss to the next person.

Rita was the lucky one. She stitched it and offered same to the next stitcher. I was the first one to comment on her blog and since #1 rarely wins - I didn't had much hope... I was wrong! I WON!!! Rita already sent the chart to me! (We'll see how long it takes to come not just to Canada, but to the north of 60!)

So, now I will do the same. I will stitch it and the pattern with a skein of floss will go to a lucky random winner of today's post. It is only few rules to follow:
  1. You must have a blog 
  2. You must drop whatever you are stitching at the moment in order to stitch this design in a timely manner. 
  3. You will put an offer on your blog for someone to accept the pattern and a skein of floss.

 Would you like to play? Live a comment and good luck!

 I will draw the name after I finish stitching. 

So long friends

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Finally snow is melting in the Yukon! Temperatures are still low (at night are below 0C ) but during the day it is nice and sunny. During my stitchy weekend I have started Happy Easter

and I'm not in love with it any more... I really like the way it's finish but the stitching part is just too sweet, too cute - like eating icing without the cake. On the picture colors look almost normal but in reality - way to sweet for my liking!

So to get back to "normal" I had to stitch something "normal" and since Carolyn's RR (Round Robin) has arrived I finished "my square".

It is stitched with "Cherry Wine" from Gentle Art and I'm absolutely in love with it!

So long friends,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My "Happy Easter" knob knocker has arrived and I am so disappointed. I love the way it is finished, it looks like the ribbon was made from floss but there is no instructions how to do it....I beg for your help! I know that many of you do wonderful finishes, please help me to find a solution or maybe a substitute...? 

(click on the picture for more detailed view)
So long friends,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

this and that...

Our "stewards of the land" are slaughtering polar bears! It makes me so angry - they call themselves all the pretty names like "First Nations", "Stewards of the Land" and so on but really they just plain poachers. Here is a full story.

And there is no signs of spring in the Yukon... here is a little visitor I had over the weekend

On the positive note - I've done a lot of stitching! My "E" is for egg is done

and from the different angle so you can see the beads better

Now I have to figure out how to really finish it. It is about 5 in by 5 in. I think that it will make a very nice flatfold.

That's not all! I have another finish:

It is hard to see, but it says "Wanted. 10,000 x stitches reward".  Maybe I should outline (backstitch) these white stitches...

So long friends,