Monday, June 22, 2009

New week, new finish, new start

Last weekend was quite productive. I finished my Frog Trio, I hear nothing, I see nothing, I say nothing. Does anybody remember the original saying and where it came from? I'm just curious.

I think they will look good as a flat fold, what do you think? And I started on a new project. With Canada Day coming I'm feeling patriotic and decided to stitch O Canada design by Sandy Orton. Here is a picture of the design:

and that's my WIP:

I also submitted my first (1 of 5) assignment in Business Law and I've got a 75% mark. I needed 65% to pass, so I think I did OK.


  1. The original phrase was: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Your finish looks great. I've always liked that design. Congrats!

  2. Such cute frogs!
    And I love that Canada piece. I may have to go find that. I do love pieces that are based on our country!

  3. I love your little finish. Very cute! I like the O Canada piece. Well done on your first assignment.
    Heidi- ILCS

  4. Very nice finish. Well done on your assignment.


  5. That is adorable, great job!

  6. Love the froggies, I have that in my stash and now that I've seen yours done I'll have to dig it out. Your WIP is going to be beautiful, great start on it.

  7. Cute finish! I have seen the Canada piece worked up too and it's very pretty!

  8. I can't believe the progress you have made on O Canada! It looks wonderful. I haven't been able to stitch for ages I just can't seem to get into the mood. Lots of upheaval here on my end. I am looking forward to seeing it finished, and framed


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