Saturday, June 2, 2012


The name-day day has come and it's gone, my 19th anniversary of landing in Canada (May 31) is gone also. What's left? The bare, hard reality of final exams!

My name-day was a lovely day even though it started with a headache (it got cured with Spanish coffee) and it rain most of the day. Freddy greet me in the morning with flowers, my first born son skyped me at the crack of dawn (he lives in Poland and we have nine hours time difference) with a 'happy mother's day' and an announcement that I'll be a grandma by the end of September. In the spur of the moment I decided to buy myself a gift so I splurge some money on the book. I love e-books! In a matter of a click of the mouse you get the book instantly. Don't get me wrong, I also love to curl up with a book. For some time 'White lies' by Jeremy Bates were on my mind... The book has great reviews and I figure if the book is as good as the author's looks, why not! The book was great. I couldn't put it down. I'd read the whole thing in one sitting. There were lies, and a romance, and a murder.  Fantastic story, fantastic characters, all excellent written. I would not tell you any more, just grab the book and read it for yourself. I hope he (Jeremy Bates I mean) will keep writing, now I have to figure out how can I get an autographed copy. In my opinion this guy has a brilliant future as a writer.

I did some stitching, not much to see, but here is the start of 'Shore Patrol':

Like I said, not much, but I think I did quite well since I had only this to start with:

Finally! The spring is in the Yukon!

Look what a difference of scenery, just in a few days.  I took a pic of the same spot about ten days apart:

 before (May 16th)

now (May 26)

It is time to back to study. I'm writing one exam on the 6th of June and the second one on the 8th. Wish me luck!

So long my friends,


  1. Nice photo. I live in British Columbia in Canada, and enjoy seeing photos of your area. I've never visited the Yukon, although I'd love to see the Northern lights. Maybe one day. . .

    I stopped by since the title of the blog caught my eye. I always like to check out other Canadian bloggers.

  2. Sounds like a great book you read. I will have to check it out. Congratulations on becoming a grandma. How exciting!

    Your stitching looks great and you have made a lot of progress considering that you are studying for school too. Good luck on your exams. :)


  3. Is that a stand of little birch trees? Amazing how quickly things can change. - Will this be your first grandchild? I had my first April 10th....I'm loving it!!! - All the best to you in your tests. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. Well congratulations on it being 19 years since you came to Canada and also a huge congratulations on learning that you will be a grandma soon:-) How wonderful is that!!! A shame that there is so much distance between you and your son but those are things that sometimes can't be helped. I don't know if you've ever written a blog post about your reason for coming to Canada from Poland but I'll have to look in your archives:-)

    Glad you splurged and bought yourself a new book, it certainly does sound like a great read. I haven't read a book in so long but maybe I should look into e-books as well, it might get me into reading again!!

    Yeaaahhhh, Spring has finally arrived in your corner of the world:-) We were having some gorgeous weather but this weekend it's cold and rainy. We need the rain but could do without the cold temps! lol Only 10c here today. xoxo

  5. Wishing you the best of luck with you upcoming exams!

  6. You did well with your stitching, enjoy it. And congratulations on having a coming grandchild. This is an exciting time.

    And best of luck with your exams. I'm sure you will do wonderfully, but I know it can be a stressful time.

  7. Спасибо за пост и удачи!!!

  8. oooo you did well with your stitching progress .... congratulations on becoming a grandma .... sending you loads of good wishes and fingers and paws are crossed for your exams :) and I hope you manage to get and autographed book too :) love mouse xxxx

  9. Great progress on your stitching. Congrats on the future grandchild. Good luck on your exams. I know you will do well.
    Have you done any more on Computer Catastrophes lately? I am thinking of getting it out either tomorrow or next Sunday.

  10. Good luck in your exams.
    Congrats on the family news, will you be planning a trip later in the year?
    Thanks for sharing the photos of the trees.
    Stitching looks good.

  11. Sending you lots of luck from Ohio, Evalina. I hope you do really well on your exams. And your Shore Patrol looks excellent. Since I changed my rotation around, it's not up again for a few more weeks. Yours is looking great, and you made a lot of progress. Now I need to catch up, lol. Glad that you're having springy weather now too. It's one of my fave times of year. Glad you enjoyed your book too. I love getting into a good book, although I tend to go for the horror/supernatural ones. Grats on being a granny!! That's awesome news! I hope you get to see the little one irl, and not just in pics.

  12. I like the May 16 picture better : )

  13. Shore Patrol looks great. Good luck with your exams.\


  14. Congratulations on the forthcoming grandchild, do you have Skype?

    The before and after pics are great. Good Luck with the exams too.

  15. Great progress on your piece! :)

    So glad to hear it's gotten nice up there for you. *fingers crossed* that you get a "real" summer.

  16. Wow, what a difference ten days make in the woods. Beautiful pix. Congrats on the new grand baby.

  17. so happy for your nanny news---and wonderful changes in the pictures!!

  18. Congratulations on the news of your grandchild. You are busy with exams, I know, but I am awarding you the "Lovely Blog Award," which seems so fitting with those photographs of Springtime in the Yukon.

  19. Congratulations of your special news! Your projects are looking great. Wow, you get so much snow! Enjoy Spring.

  20. First and most importantly good luck on your final exams, second congratulations on becoming a grandma. Finally, what a difference a few days make, Spring has sprung. Great stitching as always.

  21. Good luck with studying! Definitely an amazing difference in ten days. Our weather swings here, so we can go from 90 one day to snow and 40's the next.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, road tripping through the #atozchallenge participants!


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