Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not so stitchy update

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I was working a whole weekend and I do not have any new WIP updates to show you. But I've captured a miracle of the sunrise!

Looking to the east - the lake is almost frozen (that picture was taken last Sunday, today the lake is solid frozen 'cuz the temps dropped down to -25 C) and the sky is on fire. 

And looking to the north-west:

a gorgeous full moon with clouds reflecting delicate pink.

With moments like that I know why I love living here - for the beauty of the nature and highways with no traffic.

And my Christmas cactus is in the bloom! My fingers are very itchy to stitch some Christmas ornaments!!!

So long friends,


  1. Beautiful pictures Evalina. I felt at peace just looking at them.

  2. What a wonderfully beautiful place to live! How early does it snow there? What is your largest snow?

    Have a great week! Denise

  3. Beautiful pictures of your landscape.

  4. What beautiful photos, Evalina.

  5. What absolutely beautiful scenery!

  6. Amazing photos Evalina! :)

    Did Freddy come home yet?

  7. Oh what beautiful photos!! I especially love the one with the curving road and the colours on the lake are my favourites.

    Chriz’s stitchy blog


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