Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Enablig points for Kelly

I was visiting Kelly's blog today because I was very curious about her Summer Dragon update. While there I decided to check what she was up to in 2009. She was one busy bee, let me tell you! She has done so many nice pieces but one of them almost made me jump in the chair:

Yep, that's the one! I checked all my favorite on-line stores... nope, not there. I was almost ready to write to her... last search... hm... that one brought me to Creative Poppy... and... BINGO! I found it! And there was a trick... For the first time buyers they had a 4 bucks discount but I would have to spend just 50 cents more to qualify. The hunt for the next perfect pattern began. Didn't took me that long, an hour later I found it and here it is:

So, thanks to Kelly and her blog I end up with two great charts (downloadable and printable, you know - instant delivery) and a couple of hours of shopping enjoyment. All this for the mere $13. Thank you Kelly, you've made my day!


  1. There's nothing like stash enhancement to brighten one's day. :-)

  2. Very cute and very elegant!
    Love the charts. Shopping is a good thing!

  3. Love that pirate pattern. And the other one is beautiful.
    Looking forward to some starts from you Evalina. For course, only after Almost Perfect is done. ;)

  4. Glad you enjoyed your shopping "trip". I really like the second chart you chose. Happy Stitching!

  5. What great patterns!

  6. That second piece you bought is simply breathtaking. The colors in Stitch or Die are definitely bright, lol!! Have fun stitching.

  7. Hi Evalina, I had such fun stitching Stitch or Die! You can use the listed colours or substitute your own. I can't wait to see your progress on it!
    The second pattern is gorgeous!
    Which one are you going to start first?
    I am still plodding along with my Summer Dragon.

  8. Could you tell me the name and designer of the second pattern? I really love it.



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