Saturday, September 11, 2010

after exam

I was just so very tired... Thank you so much for all good wishes and beautiful cards! Right after exam I felt great but as days go by I'm having second thoughts... the hardest part is that results will be released somewhere around October 27 or 28... On the bright note - it is Saturday! I do not have to go to work  nor I do have to study!!! I can stitch all they long!!! I was stitching a little on "Good friends listen"

All the cross stitching is done and hopefully this weekend I will finish backstitches. Of course after that comes the final finish part... should I turn this little project to a pillow, flat-fold or just frame it... finished size is 7 inches by 5 inches.

Summer is gone for good...

 My commute to work is more colorful now. The colors are not even close to beautiful autumn colors of Ontario but this is the north.

I'm usually alone on the highway, if I see 5 vehicles at once - it feels like a heavy traffic! But do not get me wrong, I know how heavy traffic looks - I lived in the Bay Area!!!

I've got bitten by a swapping bug!

Some time ago I joined but for couple of years I ignored that site. Not any more! Yesterday I went to my mailbox

there were some envelopes, one looking awful cute and a key to a bigger box...

Now, I've got MAIL!!!

The cute envelope melted my heart, I even hesitated for a moment to  open it...

There is so much about me... Polish stamps (I was born in Poland), Canadian stamps (Canada is my new home) I love chocolate and I'm crazy about ancient Egypt - the stickers are proof of that and even there is a little corner for ZoomZoom!

I looked inside and what I found there? Postcards!!!

The most precious postcard was with a green tomato pie recipe! Thank you so much Jennifer, You've made my day!!! Next year I will plant a lot of tomatoes and I do not let them get even a little pink! I must try that recipe!!!


  1. So glad your exam is done! Stitching is sooo cute and I love your goodies!

  2. That gift is sooo cute! :)

    Glad you get the day to stitch. I will be stitching later today so will be thinking of you while we 'virtual stitch'.

    It's autumn here too... our trees are changing colour and we've had frost in the mornings for over a week.

  3. Yeah!! The stressful exam is done...

    I think "Good Friends Listen" would make an adorable pillow. Put a ruffled edge around it for the country look.

    Wonderful exchange! Love the pics of the landscapes. Our trees are confused. We had 2 days where the temps were in the low 70s and then it jumped back into the high 90s so they started dropping their green leaves, lol!

  4. Glad the exam went well.
    The hens are very cute!
    Your mail is gorgeous! And that is one very busy envelope!

  5. Thank goodness summer is almost done. I forget how many days we went in a row with highs over 100 and it only dropped to like 98 when I got out of work at midnight (that would be Fahrenheit). It's a pity I can't bottle it and ship you some in the dead of winter with some Texas sunshine.

  6. Whew, I bet you're glad the exam is done. Your chickens look adorable. I think it would look really cute as a flatfold. :) What a cute mail package.

  7. Very cute mail you got!!! Some people are so talented with things like that. Your hens is completely finished by now I'm sure! We are having to close our windows at night here now too!

  8. Love that Good friends listen piece. It is adorable. Nice scenry pictures. This is first time I've been to your blog, and I enjoyed it. I have it in my blogroll and will come back.


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