Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stitchy and not so stitchy update

After fighting that strep throat another disaster struck me - my laptop died! And all the files with it. I've lost all my assignments and some of my precious HAED charts (six of them!). Once again I didn't follow the number one rule, I didn't do backups frequently. My last one was in February... I've lost over 2 months worth of data!

Well, last Thursday I bought a new one - this time I decided to go with a desktop and a 24" monitor. Gosh! It is so much work to set up everything again! First I had to upgrade my windows (PC came with Windows 7 home edition but I need the professional one) and download zillion updates, after that was McAfee and Microsoft Office. It was way past midnight when I decided to quit. Friday - I came home after work and same thing - reinstalling more software... I'm almost done...  I hope I can replace my lost HAED charts - I sent email to Michelle, will see what my options are.

Now the stitchy part!

With all the things going on I didn't stitch much... I was able to do a bookmark:

and I've started on the Cattitude:

Today I'm back to my assignments, finals are coming again... I decided to take Mondays off from work and work longer hours Tuesday to Friday. That way I'm saving a couple of hours by eliminating driving to work and I'm having an extra day to do my study and some stitching of course! I feel like is time to pay a little attention to my Guardian Angel - he was little neglected in April...

So long my friends,


  1. That's a beautiful bookmark, and hey any stitching is still more stitching then I'm doing lately :(
    Looking forward to see more of Guardian Angel ;)
    I hope you get your charts back. A gmail-adress is handy for that, you can store them in your e-mail and get acces to it on any computer.

  2. oh that was bad luck :( I transferred my haed chart to a memory stick as I was worried something like that might happen to us as we have had it done before .. hope you can get sorted out love mouse xxxx

  3. Really sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Hopefully you can get your charts replaced. I love the little bookmark.

  4. computer troubles are the worst. I really like that bookmark, it's super elegant :)

  5. Been there, done that. I had 2 crashes on my home computer within a month last year. That time I lost almost everything. Then in December ti happened again, but we were able to recover almost everything.

    What will you use for a back up program? I have a separate hard drive that I copy my data files over onto. But I'd like something more thorough and something that I could schedule.

  6. What a bad luck with your laptop. Hope you can replace everything you lost
    Love your bookmark and Cattitude looks good too.

  7. Cute bookmark. Sorry about laptop. Hope you do well on finals.
    chris b

  8. Sorry to hear about your computer.
    Love the bookmark and great start on Cattitude!

  9. Good luck with finals. I'm in my final week of class and have been working on my paper. Ugh.

  10. Love the bookmark it is beautiful


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