Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

It looks like dog days of summer took over my life and all of a sudden I'm behind in my blogging, emails, stitching - you name it.

Let's go back to the main theme: What  I'm doing this summer? The last two weeks I was cheering Olympians and not much else... Now I'm back to work, the office is crazy busy and I'm facing overtime. So, my summer days got postponed a little... not all is lost though. In September I'm going to a 'Silence Retreat" near Montreal. Originally I was planning a trip across Canada but, about a month ago, an add caught my eye "Silent Retreat with Grand Master, Julie Scott. I am a member of AMORC since 1998 but have never been to any events, this will be my first one. And I'm looking forward to it! I will still do the trip but, maybe, sometime next year.

So long my friends,


  1. A silence Retreat sounds very interesting. You always amaze me!

  2. I am with you! Feeling a bit behind the 8 ball in began for me and life is steadily cranking up to full speed. I hope to get back to trying to troll more blogs and comment more. I CAN NOT WAIT to hear about that Silence Retreat!

  3. I went on a silent retreat last year and I loved it - you don't realize how much energy you spend listening to people day to day. I hope you feel refreshed an renewed!


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