Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Connection with the past

I just finished reading 'We the Living' by Ayn Rand. My soul has never been so pained by a novel. Very few books affect me like this one did. I thought I was familiar with times of revolution and creation of USSR. After all I grew up in Poland that suffered from Soviet regime - after closing the book I realized how very little I knew about communism or what the USSR was like during early years after revolution. Even though the plot is fictional the background is so very real. It took me a while to get back to reality...

This is the first Ayn Rand novel I have read, it is also first novel she wrote. I would highly recommend this reading. It doesn't matter what political views you have - hopefully you'll recognize the danger that communism brings to humanity. Now I'm looking forward to her other novels.

In my stash I have a Russian sampler, I do not care about the whole sampler but I really like the roosters and the middle motif. I think It would make a lovely pincushion.

So long my friends,


  1. I'm going to look for that book; it sounds so interesting. I just came back from Eastern Germany (well, that's where we spent most of our time). It was so surreal to sit in some of the places we visited and think that when I was in high school, I would have NEVER imagined that I would ever have the opportunity to be sitting where I was. I wanted very badly to talk to someone close to my age to see what it was like living behind the wall.

  2. I think I will add that book to my Goodreads list. Wow, I always learn something when I read your posts.

  3. Some books are just so special! Plus a lovely sampler!


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