Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, August 5

Couple of weeks went by and I feel a little better, it's true that the best healer is time. Finally my eyes has dried and brain is working again. Thank goodness, because the bills have to be paid and I'm self employed right now. I chose not to have a 9 to 5 job and if you do not have to show up every morning, it's so easy to get sidetrack... So I'm back to work 'full steam'. If all goes well maybe (and that's a big maybe) I can go for that trip across Canada this autumn. It would be so cool to see our Maritimes finally. Frosty Girl isn't taking car rides very well, she is getting car sick. Does anybody has any advice? It will be a long, long trip and many hours in the car.

Terri of This is who I am has a new challenge FAB4FOCUS. I looked on my neglected SALs and decided to go with these 4:
  1. The Russian Roster - I dislike this sampler but love the roosters and originally I wanted  to stitch just the little motifs. Well, yesterday I had another look on the whole thing and all of a sudden I realized that the sayings are the perfect conservative values that I admire so much... I made I few changes to the design and fell in love with it. Thank goodness I've started this piece on a fabric large enough to stitch the whole thing.
  2. Miss Mary Mack
  3. Ol Harvest Moon - this one I'm stitching over one with one thread on the 25 ct even weave. For some reason I wanted to make an ornament from this design...
  4. Bluenose Dime - I didn't finish it by the end of July as planned, now I'm hoping to be done with it by the end of summer.
So long my friends,


  1. Oh my word. I missed your first Mary Mack post. I do not know that little verse. There is an Irish song: Mary Mack's father's making Mary Mack marry me; my father's making me marry Mary Mack....

    and so on. Silly little song, but much better for Mary Mack.

  2. So glad to hear that you're feeling better. That would be quite a cross-country car trip. Dottie Dog gets car sick too, but we found that if she's in her crate while riding in the car, it's much better. I think maybe watching out the windows is what makes her sick and when she's in her crate, she isn't watching out the windows. I've not taken Dottie on any trips longer than a few hours though. My vet did say that Dottie can have one 25 mg benedryl tablet daily to help calm her down.

    Love your stitching!

  3. They are all beautiful projects that you are working on:)

  4. Great stitching! The dime is so close to being finished. You'll have it done in no time.

    And by-passing Toronto?! Actually, I don't blame you. ;)

  5. That sounds like an awesome trip! I'd love to go on it, also!

    I have a little dog that gets car sick too, and my vet said I could give him dramamine (anti-motion sickness medicine) an hour before the next car ride, but I'm not sure of what dose. You might ask your vet :-)

  6. Bluenose dime is looking wonderful...and I like that owl!

    We have driven across Canada back in the summer of the east coast through the States, all the way to Newfoundland and back to the west coast through Canada. It is a very long drive. We had a 5-th wheel trailer with us, so could stop when and where we wanted.

  7. We've done the x-country twice, and loved it! The Maritimes are certainly worth visiting. For your pet, apparently there is anti-nausea med available from vets, might be worth a try. Hope you do get to do the trip, it will be awesome! What do you do for an at-home job?

  8. Great choices Evalina. How about Good Morning and the Igloo?


  9. Glad you are feeling better. All of your stitching is gorgeous as always. I hope you reach your goals.

  10. Oh,a very long ride...

    Lovely works.:)

  11. I love road trips....and this seems like an awesome one. Good luck and have a great trip. I'm also happy to hear that you are feeling better.

  12. This trip looks fantastic to me. I also love road trips, so much to see and to experience.
    Great projects that you chose for the new challenge.


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