Sunday, January 4, 2015

Screw New Year's Resolutions!

That’s right …Screw New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions are like promises, they are meant to be broken… Now goals on the other hand are more of a realistic type thing for me, but can be a pain in the butt at times. I’m the first to admit, I suck at goals let alone reaching them. I really don’t like creating goals. I’m more of a mission girl. I create missions for myself and I try to reach them and get as much as I can done. When I set limits I tend to not reach them because I’m so focus on reaching that limit. So many times I set some goals that had a set limit and I didn’t reach nearly none of them. What I should’ve done is to set a mission of what I wanted to do. (For example, instead of saying I want 50 more new clients/customers I should say I want to increase my client base.) Now I’m not saying I didn’t try my hardest, I’m just saying that at some point or another the limit became the main focus and that’s not what I’m about. So here are my top ten missions for 2015:

10. Work less and make more money
  9. Write and publish a real book
  8. Strive to be the woman I want to be
  7. Knock off some things from my Bucket List
  6. Look good, feel good and loose some weight
  5. Finish the Super Duper Challenge
  4. Have 1K blog followers
  3. Be Queen of Sales in British Columbia (I was in the Yukon)
  2. More time playing with my dog
  1. More time alone with myself

So long my friends,


  1. I like your missions Evalina. I'm just a Whatever type of person.


  2. I enjoyed reading about your list of missions. They are interesting! Wish you luck that you achieve the most of everything on the list :)
    I have goals related to your 6th and 9th missions....I guess I too should call them missions on my list.

  3. Good luck with your reso-goal-ssions! This year I'm determined to get back into good habits. Resolutions, yeah, but it shouldn't be too hard are they are things that I've already done but for reasons stopped doing in 2014. 2015 is all about Doing Stuff!

    Please let me know your ideas for number 10. I think I'd like some of that too!!

  4. Świetne postanowienia!! Trzymam kciuki! :))

  5. I concur!! Enjoy your day.


  6. Good luck with the missions you have set yourself. x

  7. I almost snorted my coffee out of my nose when I read your title. Hahaha! I must say, I agree wholeheartedly. I'll be cheering for you on your missions!!

  8. Best of luck to you on your missions!

  9. My mother often said "I'm on a mission to ....." That's sounds like the very purposeful way to accomplish goals.

  10. I'm so bad about setting myself up for failure when I do goals so I've been trying to keep mine simple. Good luck to you in 2015!

  11. Missions! What a fabulous idea Evalina.

  12. I don't like resolutions either; I've taken to calling the yearly life plans "ambitions"! And they could all be blanketed by "Be a better me." which is always the main ambition. G'luck in the new year~ :D

  13. Interessant idee bonne soiree Marie-Claire

  14. Great Mission Statement! I gasped at 1K followers because I thought 500 plus was good but I see you have 750 already so not so far to go.
    I love number one but that seems to be working in reverse for me, each job I have I earn less that the previous one. The perils of part time work I guess.
    My mission for this year will be to track your mission successes and buy a copy of your book too. How does that sound?

  15. Oops, they were reverse numbered! ok I love number ten 😄

  16. Love all the missions on your list! You can do it!!


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