Friday, May 29, 2015

Almost gone...

May is almost gone, time to reflect on the past and set some goals for the future.

It was a good month. Finally I have acclimatised in Port Alberni. It took me a while but now it feels like home.  In May I work a little, stitch a little, read a little and train the dog a little. Below is a progress on Guardian Angel (page two is almost done - no more confetti stitches to the end of the page!)

 and after

I also have a new addition to the family

a little kitten was looking for a home and found me. His name is Ragnar. He was born around St. Patrick's Day and I was tempted to name him Clover but after watching him over couple of days I noticed that he is brave, smart and a 'tough cookie' - so he is Ragnar (like the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok).

My goals for June:

 I'm self-employed working from home and I must motivate myself to spend at least 5 hours a day actually working. I think that's a very reasonable goal considering that we are taking care of MIL with Alzheimer's.

I would love to finish page three of my Guardian Angel and have one finish from super duper starts

Same as before - a book a week! Sometimes I combine both, the stitching and listening to a book... I think that counts and it is perfectly fine.

Social Media
1. Blog more often and visit blogs more frequently
2. Learn how to host a digital class
3. Create a Facebook page for #2.

I would like to go hiking more often.  In June I would like to discover two new trails. And I want to spend more time training the dog myself so my dog can understand me and obey.

So long my friends,


  1. VERY nice progress on Guardian Angel. I like the sound of your goals - enough to keep you busy, but room for life to just happen.

  2. Your Guardian Angel looks great Evalina. That little kitten is absolutely adorable. I want one like that.


  3. Ragnar it is, a handsome fellow. I wish you every success in meeting all those goals!

  4. I love the detail in the feathers on the wing! I bet the Guardian Angel is going to turn out to be beautiful!
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

  5. Great progress on Guardian Angel and such a cute kitty! Very good of you to adopt him.

  6. Great progress! And he's such a cute kitty good luck with your job and training!

  7. It's funny how cats just find us. And he's got such cute mittens! Love his name too. I named my computer (haha) Ragnarok since I built it on a raging stormy night.

    Great progress on your Angel. Hooray for no more confetti stitching (for now, hah).

  8. Great stitching and goals!

    Take care,


  9. Great progress on Guardian Angel and good luck with your goals for June too.

  10. Your Guardian Angel looks great....... That little kitten is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Oh Ragnar is gorgeous! Have fun with your pup and kitty! Wow! You are busy.

  12. Beautiful stitching and great progress!
    Your new kitty is adorable. Enjoy!

  13. Love seeing your progress on Guardian Angel, and what a wonderful photo - Ragnar is a very handsome fellow sure to bring lots of joy. Wishing you a wonderful month ahead.

  14. The local natives would say that sweet little cat chose you!! Good luck with your goals,

  15. Nice progress on your Guardian Angel. And great for you that you have settled down to your new town and feel at home there. Good luck with all your goals.

  16. Beautiful stitching Evalina and Ragnar is simply gorgeous! Good luck with your goals for the month.

  17. Beautiful update on your wip and Ragnar is just soooo cute!!

  18. The name Ragnar suits him very well - how handsome he is - he looks like he might grow up to be rather large :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  19. Great progress on Guardian Angel. I love your new cat, he's got such a sweet face.
    I also like your final amended goal!

  20. Hi Evalina .. Ragnar is a wonderful name for a delightful new addition to the family ... wonderful colouring. Congratulations on helping with your MIL and generally being with her during her Alzheimer's journey ... so sad for all concerned - but rewarding too. Good luck with your goals, the walking and training of you! Everyone else will fall into place ... take care - cheers Hilary

  21. Ragnar is adorable. You're making great progress with your petit point project. :-)


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