Tuesday, July 19, 2016

an hour a day

Yesterday I came across Emily's Cupboard who joined Meredithe in a "1 hour a day" challenge.
It's easy:
  • you can use your time for any crafting project; knitting, sewing, quilting, whatever you want
  • the “1 hour” is a minimum! You can stitch/knit/sew to your heart’s content, all day if you choose, or until your fingers wear out!
  • this is not a competition; it’s a challenge with yourself to get a minimum of an hour’s work done on whatever project/s you choose
Why not to join? Of course I'm in! Below is my progress of the second day (yesterdays stitching I'm counting as a day one).


  1. I took my knitting back out to the living room, to put in my hour over tonight's news.

  2. Your stitching is so pretty. I would have no trouble with that, I usually stitch at least 2 hours every evening. It's the best way to end a day!

  3. You made good progress with your hour. I am off to join in because surely I can squeeze in an hour a day for myself! Thanks for the link!

  4. "An hour a day"? That's called My Life! I would go insane if I didn't manage at least one hour a day on something. It's hard if I do a full day at work, but I can usually manage an hour in the evening if I cut down on the internet!


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