Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's about time to post an update. We had extremely hot weather, I was stitching but had no energy to do anything else. I put on the side my Honest, Kind and Good  and, to keep me little cooler, I decided to work on one of those past January Crazy Starts. I was working on one of the Woodland Santas by The Prairie Schooler.

That's where I left it off in February 2015

and this is where I'm now.

Santa did not help much with lowering the heat so I jumped in the card and went north to Telegraph Cove. It was lovely cold there, just 16 degrees Celsius (where in Port Alberni was 35 degrees). It was so chilly that I needed a jacket. And I got the most beautiful sunset there:

This week is much cooler and I should go back to Honest, Kind and Good but I think I will finish this little project and then will go back.

So long my friends,


  1. I always enjoy seeing your stitching updates Evalina. And how wonderful you managed a bit of a retreat from the heat. What a gorgeous photo!

  2. Great progress on your Santa Evalina :)

  3. Love Santa. What a wonderful sunset.

  4. Terrific progress on your Santa and what a beautiful escape.

  5. Lovely progress on the Santa, and what a lovely place to retreat from the heat. Love the sunset.

  6. Great work on Santa and a lovely sunset too. We have had some stunners here, the local photography page on FB is full of them and sunrises too. I always think they would make great hand-dyed fabrics!


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