Saturday, March 7, 2009

week in review

I haven't done much... but I did some shopping! I bought floss and now I have every DMC color, many of them in multiple quantity. I also bought stand
and more scrolling frames. I had no idea how much easier is to stitch using stand.

It is cold, and when I say cold I mean it!

Yesterday morning it warmed up a little and almost felt like a spring... The sun was shining, the roads were dry and in excellent shape and the black spruce looked much greener in the morning sun. Well, that did not last long! With a rapid switch to the north wind temperatures dropped, snow start falling and wind blowing... During lunch hour I decided to go shopping, I went to a car and, to my surprise, it was covered with a half an inch of ice. And after work I drove home in almost blizzard conditions. Today is cold and cloudy with a promise of sunshine later in a day.

Well, ahead of me is a week full of exams. I'm writing one on Monday, second on Wednesday and the last one on Friday ... Friday the 13th! I hope it will be lucky for me.


  1. Good luck on your exams and your stitching is wonderful.

  2. Great stitching and your stand looks great,,,I am debating on one but stash diet rules right now. Good luck on your will do great.

  3. Great shopping trip. I hope your exams go well for you.

  4. I see progress in your piece!!! I hope you really enjoy your stand. I know I love my scrolls....but I don't have a stand.

  5. BURRRR...I sure wish I could send you some of our sunshine for a couple of days.

    Nice shopping, I've thought about getting a frame but most of my projects are so small I really can't justify the expense.

    Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you will do great on them.

  6. Good luck with your exams. Love the stand, they are great aren't they.

  7. Great progress on your stitching. Love your stand and please stay warm it looks a little chilly there.

  8. Lovely stitching. And I know what you mean when you're talking about your stand. Since I have mine I even put the smallest things on scroll rods. I just LOVE my stand.
    Hopefully the weather will turn soon to the better. :)

  9. Stitching looks wonderful! Good luck with exams.

  10. Sorry about the cold. :) You can keep up north. LOL

    And thank you very much for the comment on my blog.


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