Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Did you know that our Prime Minister can sing? Here is a clip from yesterday's National Arts Centre Gala where he sang the Beatles' hit with famed cellist Yo Yo Ma:

And I finished upper shelf of Frederick. I started to put some titles on those books, but it looked terrible... I frogged it all out and I will wait to see how Raymond will manage those...


  1. Since you took them all out, I can't help you out! Instead of long stitches, you might want to backstitch, but instead of going over one square, maybe just 2 or 3. Or try the couching..... nice progress though!

  2. Freddy looks watching the progress on him and the books.

  3. Frederick looks great. Sorry you're having troubles with the backstitching.

  4. What fun - a perfect song! Love the stitching - great progress!

  5. Lol that is a cool video clip! :)

    Maybe the books don't need names if you don't like it?

    It's look great. Congrats on finishing the top shelf.


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