Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happened to my dreams?

I woke up this morning kind of sad... there was a time when my head was full of dreams...

I was addicted to gliding, nothing could replace feelings of freedom while soaring high up in the sky. Just me, my glider, the wind and birds. And I can still hear the song that took me on a long journey years later...

Why I can't dream anymore? There is still so much to discover but I lost my desire...


  1. Did you really fly in gliders???? How cool is that??? Lovely song too....I hope you get your desire back. Hugs

  2. That is really neat you used to fly gliders. To answer your question, I think our dreams evolve onto other things. At least that's what I've found. ((hugs)) I hope you're not sad for too long, cuz I think you're a great person! :)

  3. How cool you once did that - you never know - maybe once again, or just maybe in a different manner. :)

  4. Hang in there. Just like the expression - sometimes we are the bug and sometimes we are the windshield. Neither seem too appealing to me. Point is, we all have highs and lows and unfortunately they seem to have to go through their paces. We can only hope we come out stronger and wiser. And I bet soaring and floating was such a great feel. Those are the feelings that you wish your could bottle and save for the days your need a lift. I am too much of a scare-d-cat to try anything like gliding!!


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