Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Meari  from "Meari's Musings" passed to me this honorable award. It is my first achievement as a blogger and I am so, so thrilled. Thank you so much Meari! It is very motivating to know that others reading and, I hope, enjoy my little ramblings.

The rules of Beautiful Blogger Award are simple:
  1. Accept the award
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award
  3. Add a link to the person who gave you the award
  4. Put the award on your blog
  5. Write 10 things about yourself others might not know about you
  6. Pass the award on to 10 others

  1. I will be a grandmother for the first time this June
  2. I use only Aquafresh Whitening toothpaste
  3. Gin and tonic - my favorite drink
  4. I'm allergic to communists (big time!)
  5. I'm not always politically correct
  6. I love to watch heavy weight boxing
  7. I'm still in love with Richard Chamberlain and Donald Sutherland
  8. I never have been to Caribbean Islands
  9. Margaret Thatcher is my role model
  10. Generally, I am a good person 
And now to pass the award onto others:
  1. Nancy (Nancy's Needle Notes)
  2. Vicki (Vicki's Life and Stitches)
  3. Blue (Therapy by Thread)
  4. Mel (Epic Stitching)
  5. Carol (Stitch Across the Border)
  6. SocialSue (socialsue)
  7. Bernice (Rocky Mountain Stitcher)
  8. Kelly (I love Cross Stitch)
  9. The Paper Princess (Create With Joy)
  10. Karyn Bernard (French Charming)


  1. Oh I just noticed I am on your list. Thanks Evalina. That's sweet of you.

  2. You like Gin too!? Oh my gosh, if I can drink alcohol by the time our stitching weekend comes up we sooo need to get a bottle for celebration. ;)

    Thank you so much for this award Evalina. I greatly appreciate it! And congrats to you, it is well deserved!

  3. Oh Sweet Friend...You made my day! Thank you so much for passing this award along to me!

    I loved learning more about you and congratulations on being a first time grandmother this June. You must be thrilled beyond words! I love that you are allergic to communists! Bwahahaha!!

    Thank you again my friend, I am honored and thrilled!


  4. Thank you so much for this award! You've made my day for sure! Congrats on your soon-to-be-a-grandmother status---one of my fondest dreams!

  5. Dear EvalinaMaria,

    Thank you so much for this award - I was so excited to receive your e-mail! I love Karyn's French Charming blog (she would have been one of my contenders had you not chosen her) so I'm looking forward to visiting your other picks when I have a moment!

    I LOVE your beautiful - er, handsome - Zoom Zoom! I see he can get into mischief when left unattended - a little like my boys at times (though overall, they are perfect little fur angels!) I hope you'll post more about him on your blog - I'm a sucker for a pretty feline face!

    Ramona :-)

  6. Thank you for the blog award. I may need to figure out how to put it in my blog all the information listed in the rules. So far, I learned how to post photos into my blog....that about it...LOL


  7. wow I was looking threw your blog and love it, your stitched pictures are so wonderful and you did so many things, wish I would be so fast with my dragon *g*

    Hugs Cornelia

  8. EvalinaMaria I love your blog. And I am not politically correct MOST of the time ;-). I still love Richard Chamberlain -- and Donald Sutherland isn't too bad either lol.


  9. Congratulations on your award and thanks for sahring your fav links!


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