Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lovely weekend

A little sunshine, a little time for stitching, a little time for reading (books other than Income Tax Act and textbooks) and I am the happiest woman in the world!

I can't believe it, I actually was stitching! Here is my progress on Provence:

It is almost impossible to garden in the Yukon. For 5 years I'm trying to grow tomatoes with no luck...
I don't even hope that those little green tomatoes will turn red:

flowers are looking OK

and of course, the best looking are our Yukon flowers, fireweed:

So long friends,


  1. Your stitching is pretty. Happy Belated Birthday. Wow what lovely pictures of your hike.

  2. Nice progress on your WIP! Love the flowers abounding. Good luck with the tomatoes. :)

  3. woohoo! Flowers. :)

    That is exciting that summer is reaching you a bit.
    If it makes you feel better we had our first real nice weekend this past one. So you haven't missed out on much even if you came further south.

    Stitching is look great as always.

  4. heya hunny, Its Ichigoshortcake ^3^

    Cute blog! xx (honeybear1)

  5. What a beautiful blog!
    Your stitching is lovely, your green tomatoes cute, your flowers gorgeous, and your choice of birthday coffee can't be faulted (I have a Catalan friend who introduced me to Spanish coffee - yummy!).
    I'll be back to browse again....
    "Do widzenia" for now

    Swap-bot name Filpot

  6. Beautiful pictures! Blessings! LADYHIGHTOWER (Swap-Bot) Blog Me, Baby

  7. How interesting to read notes from the Yukon! I will be checking in on your blog regularly.

    Kathy (karuma) swap-bot "Blog Me, Baby" swap

  8. Lovely Flowers and stitchwork!

    Blog Me Baby on swapbot - Deidreart

  9. hi Evalina. I love your photos of the hiking trip! Good luck with those tomatoes and happy belated birthday. I am from swap bot Blog Me Baby swap. I have followed your blog and I am posting a link to your blog on mine
    Hope you will take a peek.
    Have a great day!
    carla louise
    swap bot id: Oh Sew Addicted

  10. that's a really beautiful stitch (stitching? :3). I only did some cross-stitching before, and I gave up before I was finished. Hah. T.T I have no patience for these things, but I so admire your will to stitch and garden. ^-^ when there's a will, there's a way. those green tomatoes WILL turn red! hahaha~

    ~mireillie from swapbot

  11. I love how your progress on Provence is turning out and cant wait to see the completed picture. I was looking through all your completed projects and really like Almost Perfect. Featured you in my blog (: And your flowers are looking pretty!

    mag @ swapbot
    blog me, baby

  12. Your stitching looks absolutetly wonderful! Look forward to seeing more of it. I wonder why tomatos are not growing there? Perhaps it's to do with the land or climate? There must be a solution around this. Have you tried figuring out why they are not growing? Love from AnaGoncalves on Swap bot, Blog me, Baby exchange.

  13. Those flowers are gorgeous!

    -Kimmiekarma from Swap-bot: Blog Me, Baby

  14. Your flowers look good, Evalina. Maybe you can make Fried Green Tomatoes! :) Your stitching looks great. I start back at classes next week.

  15. Do the tomatoes have any color yet? Maybe you can have luck by ripening them off the vine. Wolfeagle

  16. Nice WIP and don't fret about the tomatoes....ours here in Michigan are all still green too! Carl is pining for some red ones! I don't eat them.

  17. I love your stitching and your flower photos are wonderful as well.

    This is BubbLeGumGirLie from swap-bot :)! For the swap Blog me Baby.


  18. I'm Agnetha from swap-bot. I'm now following you in 'Blog Me, Baby'.


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