Sunday, August 15, 2010

It looks like the end of summer...

Fireweed lost all his flowers, leaves are changing colours and falling dawn... definitely the autumn is in the air. And my tomatoes didn't change much at all! If I look very closely I can see just a hint of yellow...

oh, well... I guess I will have green, fried tomatoes.

I'm getting ready for another final exam and there is not much time for stitching. Regardless the pressure, I was able to stitch a little and here is my progress on the Provence:

It is a kind of slow stitching... the part with roosters is done over 1 on 28 count... (click on the picture to see close up) I'm almost going blind! and there is three more roosters to go... after that it will be easy sailing.

Finally, I decided to go to Dawson City and I am so excited! I live in the Yukon close to 6 years and for some reason this town never was on my way but always on the "to go" list. I already reserved room in the hotel and Saturday, September 4th I will be on the road. I think that after writing the final (September 1st) I deserve to have some kind of holidays... and I will drive during my 2 favorite weeks of the whole year! First 2 weeks of September are the most colorful in the Yukon. No bugs, days are still quite long and hopefully the weather will be good. Shortly after will be time to dress the car for the winter with winter tires...


  1. It's still hot as Hades around here! Provence looks good. Good luck with your exam and have fun on your trip!

  2. thanks for posting to my blog. I had to comment about your tomatoes. Ours rarely do well here in Seattle, they are spindly, cranky and the fruits are small.
    I must say, even though yours are green, they are very healthy and BIG!

  3. Dawson City will be a wonderful destination. I wish you all the best on the exam and enjoy your two weeks to the fullest.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Your stitching is lovely and thank you for sharing your pictures :)

  5. Your tomatoes are awesome...much better than mine this year!!
    Good luck on your exam.

    Look forward to seeing pictures of Dawson City.

    The rooster looks great.

  6. My tomatoes are just turning red here and we are much farther south than you! My red maple tree is dropping leaves already and it makes you think of the things to come. The over one details are awesome and make the picture even much special!! Good luck on your exam and have a wonderful trip.

  7. Good luck with your exam, Evalina. Yes! You deserve a trip after they're done. :) Your stitching looks really good. Fried green tomatoes... Yum! I've had hundreds of red cherry tomatoes. So many that that rain splits them before I can pick them. :( My garden is dying, though. The season is almost over I'm afraid.

  8. Ohh it sounds so sad to me when people talk about dying flowers, winter seems like such a sad time for me since its so sunny here :( But snow its so beautiful, I guess it compensates in a way for the lack of flowers. I have to say those roosters are so pretty and intricate, you have such patience for that craft!
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  9. Really nice pictures and your stitching is beautiful. It has been hot all Summer here in Indiana, I'm looking forward to fall.

  10. That is a very impressive stitching project! I'll check back to see a finished picture! I can't wait to see fall here in Tennessee - it has been very hot.

    slogsdon (swap-bot) - Blog Me, Baby

  11. So glad you are getting to Dawson's City. I hear it's absolutely awesome! :)

    Summer is almost over here too... my flowers are starting to wilt and find it too cold at night. *sigh*

    Stitching looks great.

  12. I wish summer was almost over here. I don't remember a day that the high wasn't over 100. I guess that's Dallas, Texas for you. Sort of makes me miss Wisconsin (but not the humidity of the Wisconsin Summer, at least here it's a dry heat).

    Nice work on the x-stitch. I think the one over one would make me crazy and crosseyed.


  13. Love the new stitching. The detail on that rooster is wonderful.


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