Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hardware failure, can I blame Mercury for it?

The last few days were disastrous! My laptop started acting weird... it was shutting down and restarting while I was in the middle of solving corporate tax problems and other very important stuff, like working on my blog for example. The laptop refused to open some programs and was telling me that this or that file was missing. I was just screaming and puling my hair out... It would not be so scary if I would live in the civilized world but here, north of 60, we do not have a decent computer technician. So here I am, doing tons of tricks and diagnoses and... no luck... until last night. With a screwdriver I opened compartment after compartment and BINGO!!! I have a hardware problem... bad RAM. I am so relieved, because I know that now it will cost me just around 100 bucks and I can fix it myself! I am one proud cookie!!! 

And for years I've been hearing of communication disasters  while Mercury being in retrograde mode. I decided to explore that subject a little more...

Stephanie Gailing of Planetary Apothecary writes: "Mercury represents the bridges and channels that allow us to connect varied pieces of information in order to synthesize them into the whole of understanding. During Mercury retrograde periods, the inherent weaknesses of these conduits may be revealed. As such, this period is known for the breakdown of tools that help us to share information (such as phones, computers, and printers) and well as those that assist us as we move from place to place (such as cars, bikes, and buses); therefore, do what you can to make sure they are in good working order, before Mercury goes retrograde if possible. With data and information transfer stressed, it’s a great time to ensure you’re backing up your hard drive, keeping track of whether you’re due for an oil change, or inventorying your supply of extra batteries necessary for the remote or your child’s favorite toy." 

Well, now my mystery is solved, I can blame Mercury for my computer's funny acting!!! I also read somewhere that during those 3 weeks we should not enroll to courses,  buy expensive Mercurian items (books, cars, mobile phones etc.), sign important contracts and not marry. That's all fine but what abaut final exams?!? Should I postpone or should I be brave and tackle it while that red planet is retrograding...

From NASA I learned that there is no real backwards movement of Mercury; it's just that we see it this way from Earth, because of the combined movement of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun. (Mercury retrograde).

Astrologers are saying that Mercury rules over the mind's processes, studying, communication, businesses, travels and the like. When Mercury reverses (just an illusion!) its direction, all these areas are affected as well.

The mind turns naturally inwards and people tend to analyze more the own thoughts and follow the common thinking patterns, rather then be curious and eager of new intellectual experiences or challenges. This helps the meditation or the thorough lonely long-term study of a specific matter, but it affects the study of new subjects, the communication with the others, the attention oriented outwards.

So, what is this Mercury retrograde period good for?

It is definitely a very good period for some actions. I strongly believe that no time is completely bad for anything, that there is a reason in everything happens. The key is the illusion of reversed direction of movement: take any known Mercurian action, reverse its flow, consider the keywords "re-doing something", "double-checking", "finish the old projects" and there you are, you've found the good side of Mercury retrograde. For instance, you may want to read again a book you particularly liked, a subject you studied before, meet and discuss with old friends you haven't met for a long time, travel to places you've already been to before.

This is an excellent time to work on old projects that never got to be finished. So, think about the things you started and never finalized. All those UFOs on the bottom of the drawer!!! I challenge you to work on those UFOs until September 12. Would you accept my challenge? For those who will, I'll have a givaway!!! $30 gift certificate to 123stitch.com Just leave a comment to this post, make sure that your email address is included (if your blog doesn't link back) so I have a way to contact you if you are a winner.

Now, going back to our Mercury...  you might wish to prevent any bad things to happen to you, so: double-check your agenda, call your business partners to confirm that everything goes as planned, have everything ready before the deadline and leave some extra time for unexpected events. Make copies of your important files and documents, save your work more often.

The other solution is to go on vacation (I'm going to Dawson City!) or at least slow down the pace of your projects. You will find that going slowly during the Mercury retrograde period will spare you many efforts of redoing the same action that wasn't performed right the first time.

Above all, be generous and compassionate: you are already aware about the influence of this period, but the others aren't aware of it or there may be uncontrollable events. That's why you should have more diligence with the others and give them some more time. It'll be your mental health that you'll be sparing actually.

So long friends,


  1. Your blog was very interesting. I never knew Mercury was to blame for so much. LoL!!! Can wait to tell my IT geek boyfriend...its not your fault after all for those system crashes. :-)


  2. Just curious... How did you know the RAM was bad? Good thing it was only that. An easy fix!

  3. Don't travel during this period.

  4. Interesting! Glad you found out about your computer and it can be easily fixed!

  5. Glad your computer problem worked out...well yes there is the matter of the new ram... at least a minimal expense.

    I'm digging out a UFO tonight!

  6. I'll accept your challenge simply because it's usually me banging on about people finishing their UFO's lol. I'll work on my Wizard.
    Glad your comp can be sorted.......must of driven you barmy with it shutting itself down!
    Big hugs to you xxx

  7. I had a computer crash about 4 years ago and it was doing the same thing as you described. It was in and out of a computer repair shop and they never did fix the problem. Very interesting about Mercury, poor ole planet is to blame for a lot isn't it:) mollybell1952@yahoo.com

  8. Glad you figured out your comp.problem. I won't try to finish up my one lonely UFO, but I'd like to get moving along with my SAL on one of my groups, I'm sooo behind on everyone else.

  9. Guess I'll pull out hubby's wizard-it's real close to being done-I'll have to see if my son will go for the Mercury,he can't blame for the comps now muhahaha....Please include me in your giveaway....maegwin4atyahoo.com Dawn C.

  10. I will take you up as well. I want to finish my MIL Christmas present of LK. May even try to get hubby's tiger finished as well, but might be pushing on that one, lol. I can feel for your about your computer, I went through 2 mother boards in 3 days.

  11. ah UFOs. So many of them. I am currently working on them right now! (okay I had one new start this week, but it was b/c of holidays, lol).
    What a great read about retrograde. Thanks Evalina.

    Glad you got your computer stuff worked out.

  12. Glad to hear you'll be able to fix your laptop on your own. Save lots of dough that way.

    I'm digging out a couple of UFOs today!!

  13. It's been so long since I touched a needle that all my projects are UFO's.
    I hope your computer is working again.


  14. I have several UFO's to work on, but I think that I will work on the Prairie Schooler Halloween Ornaments. I have four stitched, but still need to stitch the final four. Then, I have to fully finish the ornaments for them to hang on my Halloween tree. Thanks for the challenge!


  15. Congratulations on solving your computer problem and I will certainly be working on a UFO
    Rita E in AZ


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