Friday, August 20, 2010

ZoomZoom is 4!!!

4 years ago I rescued a little kitten from natives village of Haines Junction. He was so little, had no idea how to eat cat food and he moved in right into my heart with all his little 4 paws and scared eyes. I had no idea when he was born but he couldn't be older that 4-5 weeks at that time and it was middle of September. So I figured that his birthday should be sometime in mid-August. Since in mid-August we have a holiday in the Yukon (Discovery Day), he became a Discovery Day boy. I named him ZoomZoom because he was zooming all over the house with an amazing speed.

On his 4th birthday he was chasing squirrels (they were racing on the roof and he was racing on the ceiling beam:

and absolutely nothing could distract him, he was on the mission and his eyes were glued to the ceiling...

of course after very busy day he was napping for long time...


  1. Hey this makes a great Pink Saturday post! I love that bow and that kitty is mighty handsome! Come join the PS fun.Beverly over at how sweet the sound is one amazing hostess. Come see me soon. Anne

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  3. Zoomzoom is so handsome! Your an angel to rescue him :)

  4. ZoomZoom is such a handsome fellow:) My cat Timothy would love to come and help with the squirrels:) LOL

    Mary louise

  5. Happy Birthday ZoomZoom!!

    He is too cute...


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