Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Day!

Rest of my birthday presents arrived safely! Heidi, Kathy, Nancy and Melinda surprised me with gift certificates (thank you so much ladies!!!) to my favorite on line store so I went shopping!!! This is what I bought:

bunch of ornament kits


all supplies for the Egyptian Sampler. I received this leaflet from Carolyn last year, I had some floss and fabric  but needed so much more. Finally I was able to complete the kit up portion!

and hens friends. I've got so excited (and my computer was acting very weird) so I started new project...

Tomatoes update

Poor green tomatoes are getting some colour! I do not have any hopes though for them to turn red on vine. It's cold and rains last couple days. But, you never know, sometimes miracles can happen!!!

So long friends!


  1. Those ornaments look lovely!!! Glad you got some good things with your GC's. Have faith, you may get some red ones on the vines yet!

  2. Great new stash!

    Have you tried Fried Green Tomatoes for those that don't turn red. They are yummy

  3. Nice new stash! And that hen is a very cute start.

  4. Great stash Evalina !Can't wait to see your Sampler started. I finished reading Sphinx by T S Learner last night and it was a fabulous read! xxx

  5. Really nice stash:) Love the hens project, I am wanting to decorate my kitchen with chickens, so I might just have to have this kit.

  6. Love the new stash! That Egyptian pattern looks fantastic, a great addition to your collection :)

  7. Wow! You really know how to stash shop!!!


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