Saturday, November 19, 2011

IHSW - Friday

It was a first day of International Hermit and Stitch Day hosted by Joyce and since it was a cold day in the Yukon I hermit inside my cabin and didn't go outside even for a minute. I changed my working hours, I work 10 hrs a day for 4 days and I'm taking Fridays off. It saves me couple hours of commuting to work and gives me an extra day off!

In the late morning I was distracted by visitors:

awesome looking Pine Grosbeaks. They do not visit often but yesterday they were all over!

And, of course, I was stitching. I decided to pick something from my last crazy January challenge, something that I could finish during this weekend. Pirate Santa looked like a nice project, so Pirate Santa it was!

Today is as cold as was yesterday so thanks to Joyce for IHSW! I will work on my assignment (yeah, I'm taking another course - managerial accounting is on today's burner) and I will stitch and stitch and stitch some more! I have no idea which project will grab my attention, please comeback later to check it out.

So long friends,


  1. ooooo it looks ever sooo cold there ... beautiful birds ... nice stitching and isn't hermitting fun :) love mouse xxx

  2. Love the Pirate Santa, the idea of working 4 days, & being a hermit when it's cold.....
    Chris B.

  3. Oh, snow on the ground already! Not quite ready for that....but I know it's coming. Pretty birds and great progress on Santa!Hope to see much more before the weekend ends!

  4. I"m hermiting as well, but not because its cold out! Just because! Those birds are just gorgeous!

    Pirate Santa looks fun!

  5. OMG! I don't even want to think about snow, we are suppose to have a mild winter this year, I hope so. I don't want any repeats of the last two years here in Virginia. I'm Hermiting too, stay warn.

  6. The second picture remind me of the Snow Hop freebie by Daffycat. I don't know if you ever stitch little designs on the fly, but it is darling, right down to the little bird tracks!

  7. What an awesome option - the 10 hour days. Good for you. Makes perfect sense. Love the birds as well as your progress on your stitching.


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