Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 days of Christmas in Blogland - Day 11

I'm back, I'm exhausted and $1200 lighter... Topaz had her surgery, now she is sleeping. Well, she didn't yet fully wake up from anesthesia. Vet carried her to my car and Freddy carried her out an hour later. She had a bite of pork roast but even didn't try to stand on her feet. Went back to la, la land in no time.

At the dealership they found a tiny chip in the bottom left corner  and the crack did spread from there... New windshield is $550 but in the Yukon driving with cracked windshield is permitted and since it doesn't impair my view - there is no problem. Just pisses me off because the car is so new, today I went for my first oil change. Oh, well - on the bright side - I have a visa with driver rewards which means that I'm collecting points on everything I buy on the visa and later visa is putting hard cash to my account as I redeem the points. And points are redeemable on any car related expanses (repairs, oils changes, new car). Can you guess how I paid vet bill? Yeap, by visa.

Freddy is feeling much better so this is a good thing. Now since everything is under control let's go back to our celebration!

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
  • eleven pipers piping
  • ten lords-a-leaping
  • nine ladies dancing
  • eight maids-a-milking
  • seven swans-a-swimming
  • six geese-a-laying
  • five golden rings
  • three French hens
  • two turtle doves
  • and a partridge in a pear tree 
On the eleventh day of Christmas I'm giving to one of you:

a kit from Dimensions - A wish ornament. Rules same as yesterday and a day before.

So long my friends,


  1. ack at the expenses! I'm happy Topaz is ok :) sucks about the car though. :(

  2. Glad to hear Topaz is on the mend. Our insurance covers windshield repairs...or replacement if it cracks. Your insurance won't cover that?

  3. I would think since your car is so new, the windshield would still be under warranty. Or your insurance should cover some of it except maybe a deductible. I am glad to hear that Topaz is recuperating. The kit from Dimensions is cute. There is just something about a chickadee and Christmas that seem to go together.

  4. Last summer a stone hit my windshield and a little crack started...when it started to get really cold last week, I was driving to town and the crack suddenly went right across my windshield! It's going to stay like that for a while, like yours it's not in my line of vision so it doesn't bother me. Just an expense I don't need right now!!!

    Glad to hear that Topaz is recovering well from surgery. Between the vet and car, it's been an expensive start to the new year for you:-( Things can only get better, though, right?? :-) xoxo

  5. Oh, this birdie is so cute! I would love to stitch it. Please enter me in this drawing. Thank you!

  6. ooo good news re topaz and thought your windscreen would be covered in the insurance ??? and hopefully things will now improve :) love mouse xxxx

  7. This bird is such so cute.
    It would be a pleasure for me to stitch it.

    Have a good day


  8. Happy to hear Freddy is feeling better and Topaz is on the mend.

    I'd love to be entered into today's drawing. One can never have too many ornaments, lol!

  9. ouch on the expensens! But glad to hear Topaz is on the mend.
    Cute kit!

  10. Glad to hear Topaz is recovering well - it's scary when our pets are hurting! I'd love to enter your drawing, thank you.


  11. Please enter me into today's draw. I love birds.

    Mary Joan

  12. Your year has started with a bang. It's good to hear your Topaz is on the road to recovery. I would like to enter your drawing for the bird kit.

  13. Glad to hear Topaz is on the mend. Thank you for giveaway!

  14. Sorry to hear about the expense, but glad that Topaz has what is needed. Sleep is a good thing at this point. Sorry about the crack too. I'd be too scared to drive with it. Of course, my luck in such things is horrible. My windshield would shatter, and then I wouldn't have any, lol. Just my luck!! I love that kit, and if it's not too late, I would love to enter the giveaway, Evalina. I'd like to do some ornies this year!!

  15. Ouch! I would love to enter the giveaway.

  16. OMG, that chart is a must-have! So gorgeous! Please count me in!


  17. Hi Evalina,
    I love this chart, the bird is so cute and so christamas like :D I would love to have a chance to win it please :D
    Thank you so much

  18. I'm glad that everything went OK in the end, and Topaz and Freddie are better :D

  19. Glad to read that Topaz is mending and south a bad way, expense wise, to start the year. Love what you choose for today. The bird is adorable.

  20. What a lovely Christmas design. Please add me to this drawing.


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