Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bitching and stitching

I'm stitching new start to the 4th day of the CJC (Crazy January Challenge) and shake my head in disbelief... the start of 2012 is not so good for me...
  1. January 1 - Topaz woke up with a swollen ear. All vet clinics are closed so thank goodness for the very knowledgeable kuvasz breeders. They convinced me that isn't life threatening and is OK to wait for her vet. Her poor right ear looks like pierogi. Today is our appointment.
  2. January 2 - Freddy got sick (in my opinion he is just playing a baby)
  3. January 3 - with absolutely no reason, my front windshield crack all the way across. I was driving from work and it happened right on the front of my eyes. It's my brand new car for God's sake! I still can hear the crack...

So, today I'm a little scared to leave the house. Though I have to go to the vet and right after - straight to the dealership. (I knew I needed day off work today). Tell me, if bad things happen to people, are they going in pairs or in threes? You know, I'm not superstitious at all, just want to know.

So long my friends, the celebration of 12 days of Christmas will continue after I come back.


  1. Ok, I'm not superstitious but I have heard that things tend to come in 3s. Kinda lke deaths and such.

    I hope Topaz's ear is better real soon and it is nothing serious. I also hope the windshield is covered since it is a new car. Those things can get expensive.

    If I were you I'd be afraid to leave the house and do anything that involved sharp objects, lol!!

  2. Oh dear..hugs for you
    Take care cucki xx

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  4. Bad things go in threes, so you should be done - hope the rest of the year is better!

  5. Well, like Forrest Gump said: S**t happens, don´t worry, be cool!


  6. Yes, they say things happen in 3's so you're probably good for a while. ((hugs)) What a bummer about your car. Yeah, you just got that thing. I'd be fuming! I hope the vet can make Topaz feel better. Is Freddy better now?

  7. Yes, it comes in 3's. Topaz will be fine and the dealer should fix you right up. Let's hope your next 3 days are great!

  8. Speaking of bitching, I typed this long witty comment inspired by you revealing the hidden work of the great man and it turns out I wasn't logged in so it went poof.

    My windshield cracked this summer when it was 110°. There was a tiny, itty bitty, practically microscopic chip up at the top of the windshield and when it got hot -- crack. I wonder if the same can happen when it is cold. Please consult the great man.

    You have done a really great work here with your 12 days in Blogland and the giveaway. I was especially grateful to see the great hidden art of the Shepard's Bush stocking. When you commented you would not stitch it I thought -- oh, no, if SHE wouldn't stitch it I wouldn't get within a MILE." You may know, or not know, Reed's Stocking is on my to-do list this year. I am going to practice the great work and hidden art of finishing a kid's stocking before they are 2. However, your followup comment the next day helped me realize it is probably cost related. I know Reed's stocking is about $60 to stitch.

    Thanks again for your great work sharing hidden art.


    (You know, you're going to delete that spam and people are going to think I smoked a little something before posting).

  9. ohhh dear .. hope that's it, all over and done with now ... love mouse xxxx

  10. So sorry your are having a bit of bad luck. Bad things, or so they say, come in threes so let's hope yours are out of the way now. Just think, maybe a bit of stitching time while waiting at the dealership. One can only hope. Hang in there, brighter days are ahead.

  11. I hope that's the end of your troubles! Things can only get better, right? Blessings, Shirlee

  12. Big hugs to you Evalina, hope everything goes smoothly for you now!

  13. well my dear friend,,, if you sit and stitch the only thing that will happen is true satisfaction and peace of mind. Now, if you have to go to a friends to stitch then your on your own, you know that cold weather??? not so good for windshields.!!!
    So, my theory is cuddle up nice and warm with a good stitch and put a thread in the eye and (NOT YOUR SEEING EYE) and pull a few good stitches. There you go.
    Be always in stitches

  14. I'm so sorry!! I hope Topaz is ok. My grandmother always said bad things come in "3's" so you should be ok for a bit :o)

  15. how awful, I hope your bad luck has run through now for the rest of the year!

  16. Well hopefully that is it for the rest of your year. "Happy Rest of the Year" from the Northwest Territories.

  17. Oh no, it sounds like you're having a difficult start to the year! I hope things start to improve for you now!


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