Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Sunday!

For some reason time goes much faster for me lately. I wonder, it's just because I'm getting older or because my time management sucks? It must be the time management because I'm not feeling any older, the last couple of days I'm actually feeling younger!

Remember my shoulder problem and the awful doc who told me to "Google the net" for more info? Well I did and while searching I came across The Vitamin D Cure by James Dowd, MD

I bought the book a month ago and started to take vit. D immediately, 25IU per pound of my body weight. The result? Well, no more shoulder pain! It's gone! I can sleep a whole night and there is no pain when trying to turn. I can do my hair, it is easier do dress and my arm has about 50% mobility back. I can't believe it, I suffer for so long (almost a whole year!)and the solution was so simple and it came from the net! I think I will buy a hard copy of this book and send it as a gift to my doc.

And I was stitching... a little too much. I didn't budget my time well and got scared before exams... I decided to get easy on myself and I differed these exams to next session in June. By doing this I will have to write more exams in June but it will give me a little extra time for studying. Unfortunately (since everything has to balance and there is only 24 hours in a day) I will have to cut on my stitching time. I think I'll be able to spare few hours on Sundays for my hobby, otherwise I will go nuts and even vitamin D will not help!

In one of my yahoo groups was an emergency to put together a quilt from stitched squares and I jumped right into it (to stitch I mean, I have no idea how to quilt). I thought that squares are quick and easy, you know, like an evening stitching. I was wrong! Or maybe I'm a very slow stitcher... Anyway, Catia of Catia Crafts (check her site, she has some awesome ornaments!) donated patterns and we were stitching like mad. Here are my squares:

I loved stitching them, thank you Catia for lovely designs!

In January I was in that Crazy January Challenge and I started Irish Blessing Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree. Since St. Paddy's day is just round the corner (I'm not even little bit Irish but I love this holiday!) I wanted to stitch something Irish and green. With an ache in my heart I noticed that I used a wrong color for vines... so there it was - rip it, rip it, rip it - until all was gone. And I started all over again

I'm sure I'll not finish it before March 17 but I enjoy stitching it. There isn't many cross stitches in this design but a lot of specialty stitches. When done it will look like this:

So long friends,


  1. They all look great! What Yahoo Group are you in?


  2. Hello

    Just visiting your blog.

    Your squares for the emergency quilt are great.

    I love your Sweetheart Tree start!

  3. The emergency quilt squares are lovely! I particularly like the brown one, very pretty.

  4. I have read about natural cures quite extensively & am a true believer in natural medicine including the use of vitamins & supplements. Sometimes just the simplest little vitamin deficiency can cause huge health issues. So glad the book was of help to you! Thanks for sharing it & also for sharing the beautiful stitching projects!

  5. Glad your shoulder is feeling better, Evalina. Crossing my fingers it continues to do so.

    Nice stitching. Looks like the frogs visited you, too. (I hope they didn't come from my way!)

  6. That's great news about the Vitamin D, Evalina!! Stitching looks great... I love the Sweetheart Tree.

  7. I'm so happy you've found the cure for your shoulder!! Irish blessing is going to be beautiful.

  8. The quilt squares really look great! I'm so glad your shoulder feels better now!

  9. Irish Blessing is gorgeous Evalina. It's going to be spectacular.


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