Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogging from A to Z - Day 9 - I for Iusaas

Iusaas was a goddess of Heliopolis whose name means, "she comes who is great". Wearing a scarab beetle on her head she can easily be seen as a counterpart to the sun god Atum, and like Nebethetepet plays a crucial role as the feminine principle in the creation of the world. Late text equates her with the hand of Atum with which he masturbated to begin his creative act.

Iusaas, along with Nebethetepet, actually enjoyed a rather widespread importance in many of the temples in Egypt, particularly considering that she seems to have a strong local character.

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  1. "Iusaas" is such a beautiful name...I am not sure the association with the hand of Atum is as pretty though *lol* Thank you for helping me learn something new today!


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