Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U - Underworld Deities (Blogging A to Z challenge)

The Egyptian imagination evolved a myriad of gods and goddesses dwelling in the Netherworld. These cover the walls of tombs in the Valley of the Kings, or from vignettes in the funerary papyri known as the 'Book of the Dead'. The complexity of names and epithets does not in most cases lead to an understanding of the deities' origins. Consequently, they remain mysterious but can be divided into overall categories - following the Egyptian practice of dividing the royal tombs' walls, decorated with images of the sun-god's journey through the netherworld, into distinct compositions such as 'Am Dwat' (Book of 'that which is in the Underworld'), Litany of Re, and Book of Gates.

Here is a link to the podcast with a great introduction to 'Am Dwat', and another to a very powerful meditation. Personally I was very impressed with both.

So long my friends,


  1. The Egyptian way of thinking fascinates me. Love the ancient pictures and thoughts. I guess underworld refers to the spirit--not hell.


  2. They certainly were a facinating people the more we find out about them the more I want to know. Haven't been able to get here to read for a couple of days Evalina, it was nice to have a 'bulk' read.


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