Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back from journey to ancient Egypt

A whole month I was posting about gods, godesses and places related to ancient Egypt. During my journey I started to stitch Egyptian Sampler

and enabled by Meari I bought some more stash (Meari gets a brownie point)

For some unknown to me reason I've got tired of my Egyptian stuff so I decided to work on a couple of my earlier starts:

Great Friends and very neglected Seashore Patrol

So long my friends,


  1. Чудесные вышивки.Удачи.

  2. cograts on getting through the month of posting Evalina! :)

    I'm sure you'll be back at the Egypt stuff in no time. it's nice to see the other projects you have on the go as well!

  3. Hehe... Meari is good at enabling, isn't she? It's a pretty design. Lovely stitching too.


  4. You might have grown tired of the "Egyptian Theme," but I have really enjoyed seeing the fruits of your labor, as well as getting an education! I'm looking forward to seeing more delicious visual fruit! Thanks for your visits to my site, as well! It is much appreciated.


  5. I used to cross-stitch. But I always managed to mess things up on big projects and grew discouraged. I still have an unfinished Precious Moments alphabet I started when my older son was an infant. I stopped when I royally messed up the "U". He's turning 8 this year.

  6. gorgeous stitching :D love your new stash!


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