Monday, July 23, 2012

Six most important things list

Did you ever heard of that list? Do you know what it is or who invented it?

Well, the Six Most Important Things List is:
  • A daily sheet of six 'action' items that you will do the very next day. You're supposed to write them down before you go to bed so you will have a clear plan of what you will do the next day.
  • They should be in priority order (did you ever notice that you put the hardest task off until the last one?). The six most important things list is designed to put your most important item at the top of the list, and knock it out first... then everything else is that much easier.
  • The 6 items should be items that you can do in one day (long projects need not apply), and 'retire at 55' or 'write a novel' or 'work on HAED' sounds great... but if you can't figure how to do this in one day don't write it down.
  • They should be the items that really matter, so we know you have to take out trash... but you should probably not put that on there (even though you should probably take out the trash too...)
So, who did come up with the idea? Ivy Lee, the 'father of public relations'. He presented this idea to Charles Schwab, the head of Bethlehem Steel way back in the early 1900's and got paid for it a whooping 25,000 dollars (equivalent of a half a million dollars today!) Not bad, eh?

Here is my list (for tonight and tomorrow): 
  1. Update blog with pictures from last weekend. I hermitted all weekend and had a stitching marathon on Saturday (like 10 hours of pure stitching!!!) and some on Sunday. done!
  2. Read one chapter of 'Silence'.
  3. Finish second ornie for a challenge from Friendly Stitchers yahoo group.
  4. Work for an hour on Halloween House. If I keep my current pace, I could be done by end of the month!
  5. Finish L. bookkeeping and taxes.
  6. Send a 'thank you' note to a friend.

So long my friends,


  1. I really enjoyed your informative post of today! It is around 02:00 am and I was going to go to bed! But your post is gonna make me busy for a while to create "my six important things list"!

    I always think that, simple things like this list, make our life more comfortable and more effective!

    Thanks for the sharing!

    Greetings from far far away!

  2. I think this is a great idea. I will try it tonight.

  3. Doh, I forgot you already had signed up. Can I blame it on jet lag just this once? lol

    Thanks, Evalina!

  4. oh dear, I don't think I should try this one. I don't have time to get 6 things done when I get home from work, not with cooking dinner, eating dinner and trying to get to bed on time! I could perhaps fit 1 or 2 things in, but only if they did include putting out the bins!

  5. I love this idea and will definitely be giving it ago. thanks for sharing Love and hugs Joss xxx

  6. I am SO GLAD that you came by and commented! I had lost some of the folks I met through the A-Z (there were so many to keep up and I couldn't remember who I had joined or added, etc.) that I couldn't get back to some.

    THIS idea is excellent, and I am so going to do this before I go to bed. Great!! Hopefully I will be productive tomorrow!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Mentally, I do this for work and home chores. It definitely does help.


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