Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Wipocalypse

Another full moon and another WIPocalypse update. So, Thine is the Trick and the Treat is done and I decided to turn it into wall hanging. I'm horrible not so good at sewing using the sewing machine. Last Friday I've got brave and made an appointment with the quilter (actually she owns the local quilting shop) for this Tuesday for a private sewing lesson during which I we'll work on the finishing part. I figured that it would be perfect in case I need a fabric or batik or whatever. I'm very excited about this project.

This month I finished So Long Kitty

While stitching this piece I was making an executive decision. I decided to quit my CGA (Certified General Accountant) courses. The whole program had 18 courses and I had 5 more left... that's 2 more years... The completion would give me an accounting designation but do I really need it? I am an accountant, if I decide to work on my own I can do anything except audits and reviews... in 7 years I want to retire... So there it was - so long kitty and so long CGA! And to make things even more complicated I started to think how much I would love to be my own boss. Things are going well, as of today I'm able to cut my job hours because I'm getting more and more clients on my own.   I think that by the spring I will have enough work so I can quit my job. Isn't that funny? In today's jobless world I'm thinking of giving up a job...

Another piece that got my attention was French Country - Pig

and love ornament got some of that attention too

Yesterday I tried my luck in the kitchen

and now I feel like the Halloween is near.

While sorting charts I've spotted this:

and of course I fell in love with the owl for the second time. I will stitch it on 25ct over one so the final piece will be just 4" by 4". Some time ago I promised myself that I will not touch 25ct again and all my HAED I'm stitching on 22 ct but now I have an urge to try again... after all it is a small and extremely easy piece.

Oh, and I finished a little square for my charity group:

The winter is already here. There is no snow but the temperatures are pretty low (-6°F / -21°C) and days are getting shorter. The sun doesn't rise until after 9 AM and is setting around 6 PM. Soon all the lakes and rivers will be frozen. Last batches of swans are going south and resting right by my cabin:

Here is a close up:

Yeah, I live in a very cold but beautiful place...

So long my friends,


  1. Congratulations on making a big decision - I'll keep my fingers crossed that you keep getting more clients!

  2. Lovely stitching Evalina Maria! Good luck with your sewing class! I'm sure it will be so helpful. Hard decision to make but I think it's a good one. My mom was in the same position as you and did fine without her CGA!!

  3. Love those finishes!! Good luck with your job choices!

  4. Good luck with your job. The sewing class sounds like fun:)

  5. The sewing lesson is a good idea, i have learnt through youtube tutorials. You have an amazing view of the lake.

  6. good luck with your job..
    beautiful finishes..
    hugs xx

  7. That must of been a tough decision to stop working towards your CGA's with the end within sight. But it makes sense. A friend of mine is working towards hers right now its a lot of work.

    Lovely finishes!

  8. How nice that you have enough clients of your own to think about quitting your job! So Long Kitty made me laugh! Those finger cookies are scary! The charity leaf is beautiful and will look great on the quilt. Good luck on the owl on 25 ct. You picked a great design without a lot of color changes.

  9. Great stitching on all your pieces Evalina. So Long Kitty is adorable.


  10. Love all the stitching and decisions going on. Sounds like you're doing great! I'm in and out on the group e-mails now. So many of my long-standing friends are missing! And I really don't get on the computer as before and don't get to many of the blogs. But I've been thinking of you and I'm glad to finally get here and see you're doing well. :)

  11. Wow, your finishes are great! I really like the leaf square you did for the WOCS quilt, the colors blended very well. And I have the same ornament saved on a couple of wishlists :) Congrats on getting so much done.


  12. Congrats on your finishes, your sewing lesson and your executive decision. I am struggling with our temps and shorter days, I can't imagine living where you do with it being so cold already. You do have a beautiful lake though.

  13. Those are great finishes Evalina - So Long Kitty made me smile. I think a sewing lesson or two is a great idea. It's good to see some more work on your cardinal and I think the owl is a great chart to try 25 count again.

    Love your 'finger cookies' - just perfect for Hallowe'en.

    Good luck with going out on your own. You have to work towards your own goals and it sounds like that is just what you are doing.

  14. Great stitching. awesome finishes!

  15. Great stitching, poor flying kitty!

    It's great that you're getting enough private work to set out on your own. Hopefully your other job will go to someone who really need the work. A win-win situation for everyone.

    Your witch fingers are terrific too.

  16. So many great projects you've done. Congrats on making a decision to quit the classes. It really didn't sound like it was going to benefit you and to be able to work from home with your own clients??? What could be better than that. Your voice sounds happier already!


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