Monday, October 1, 2012

Silent retreat

Oh, it was lovely! The whole 5 days of silence - no internet, no telephone, no TV. Instead there was a nature and an awesome library.

The Domaine of Silence is set in a magnificent forest in Lachute, just outside of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.
Rooms are pretty small but very clean and comfortable. I just loved the blanket on the bed

All activities were announced by the bell - wake up, meals etc. I did not have to look at the watch at all. The surroundings are fantastic, here is a view from my window:

Can you see a bridge far away (click on the pic for a better view)

Well, that is the bridge. I was a little hesitant to step on it, it looks a little crooked. I got brave, walked on it - it was stable

 and that's the view from the bridge

On my little walks I found not just beautiful views but some critters

Do you see a little chipmunk? It's on the grass by the leaves.

And there was a lawn. I swear, there was no flowers previous day... they show up from nowhere
Aren't they look lovely? And there was a humming on the lawn, I had no idea what it was, so I decide to do a little hunting with my camera

 it took me a while, but I captured a very handsome grass hopper.

The walks were amazing, lovely paths

except the signs - all in French!

Though I found one that I could understand

 Inside the Domaine I found a lot of Egyptian art

and, to my surprise, a lovely embroidered piece

Are you still with me? I had a great time. I came back rejuvenated, relaxed and transformed. I've lost close to 6 pounds and 2 inches of my waist line. I feel great and I'm sure I will do it again!

Even today's weather didn't affect me much. You know, I was going to look for a box form my Stitcher's Alphabet but it turned ugly and I decided to go home. I took some pictures while driving

 Do you see the snow on the trunk of the car?

 Poor visibility

 Signs completely covered

 and in the middle of this - swans going south... I wish I could fly with them...

That's OK, I'll bet that tomorrow there will be a lot of black ice patches... but tonight is a stitchy night!

So long my friends,


  1. I'm so glad you had fun and were able to relax! I don't know that I could be away from my technology that long!! Lol.

  2. What we call silence and relaxation others would equate to doing 5 days in solitary confinement.

    Those crazy folks in Quebec with their "French" only standard. Sheesh, they'd probably get a lot more tourism if they weren't so snobby. Oh, and I am from Toronto.

    Go Leafs!

  3. Wow looks like you had lovely time..I love silent retreat so much xxx

  4. Looks like a lovely retreat and something we all need sometimes.

  5. The peace and quiet sound wonderful to me. What a beautiful place!

  6. What a beautiful setting! Sounds like you had a wonderful time - great pictures.

    Too soon for snow! Hope it doesn't stay.

  7. What a lovely retreat! Thank you for sharing it with us. Snow in October already?! It was 105 degrees down here yesterday in Sunny Southern California!

  8. Wow... That's a gorgeous place to relax :D and I'm amazed that there are places with snow already :D... Summer supposedly just finished last month... so where was Autumn there ;)...

  9. Snow! Say it ain't so!!!!
    We've got flurries in the forecast for Monday... way too early for me!
    Your pictures are lovely and the Domaine looks like a beautiful place.

  10. Sounds like bliss, maybe I'll join you when my boys grow up!!

    I've started Trick or Treat now, yay!

  11. Oh wow!!!! That's a wonderful way to spend some downtime, Evalina. :D

  12. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend 5 days. I think I could handle 5 days of silence every now and again.

  13. That sound like a wonderful retreat. Great nature pics too. So sorry you had to come home to ice and snow!

  14. How nice to have such a retreat! Love your pics! :)


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