Thursday, December 4, 2014


All right, today's prompt is giving me a little trouble..

We are all lightning rods, conduits for that which the Universe wants born into this world. What energies did you channel this year?

I do not get it. Even if I agree that I'm some kind of a wire that transmits energies - where do I suppose to look for them? Inside or outside? Sometimes I'm around a person that burst with happiness and enthusiasm and it is contagious - makes me feel good. Sometimes is opposite - the persons burst with happiness and enthusiasm and it irritates me.   So what I'm channeling? Come on guys, help me with this subject. Until then I will put on some 'Thinking of Love' perfume from Mary Kay and play 'Good Vibrations'.

So long my friends,


  1. Evalina, you are always channelling optimism. You try again, and again. You encourage me to keep trying to stitch carefully, to make little more effort, try something new. The universe is hoping for people to have a positive frame of mind and you are making it happen.

  2. I think of you as a positive in my world. I do understand about the other people who can make us smile and then if I turn around there is the other who drives me crazy...a revolving door at times. Keep smiling! someone is bound to smile back.

  3. I too had some difficulty finding my way around today's prompt of 'conduit', especially since I feel that all I'm 'channeling' these days is frustration and irritation! But sometimes, even that can help others feel that they are not alone in being frustrated or irritated =)

  4. I totally love that you put on some perfume and music - that's channeling some very creative feel-good energy.

  5. Sorry, I'm a real blank on this one!

  6. Ahhhh, it's OK. You can interpret the prompt however you like.
    But the perfume and the music make me think that you channel joy wherever you can.

  7. I think you are channelling your fellow bloggers, whether they make you happy or irritated they still affect the way you blog. Maybe you had already chosen the topic but the way you present it could be affected by the blogs you read earlier that day?
    ps I think your written English is excellent. I always enjoy reading your posts.


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